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Sergeant Arch Dornan

The Sarge doesn't like you. At all.
race: Pure Human
affiliation: Enclave
role: Drill sergeant
rank: Sergeant
location: Navarro
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Unknown
dialogue file: Ccdrill.msg
actor: Peter Jason

Sergeant Arch Dornan is an Enclave non-commissioned officer, who was stationed at Camp Navarro in 2241. Equipped with standard issue Advanced Power Armor and a characteristically bad attitude, he was the bane of privates, chastising them for the slightest mishaps and breaches of protocol, especially if he didn't like them.


  • In-game, it is best to steer clear of him, as talking to him with the APA on will end with you being forced to stand guard at the hangar and the sergeant will start checking guard postings, increasing the likelihood of your cover being blown.
  • Should he spot you out of Enclave armour there is a chance he has you thrown off the base, thinking you are just another civilian, although with enough attributes you can fool him into believing that you have actually lost it or were not issued one by sloppy base personnel, resulting in a lengthy speech and a dismissal to the Quartermaster for another suit.
  • Amusingly, if you examine 'him' it will come up as she.


Enclave drill sergeant Fallout 2 Speech [1]

Enclave of the United States of America

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