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Appearance / Type: Humanoid
Also known as:
  • Butterfly People
  • Arkan
Place of origin:
Mentioned in: WC: Sarah Jane Smith website, REF: The Torchwood Archives
Notable Individuals:

The Arcateenians were a race of humanoids from the Arcan system.



Arcateenians were made mostly of liquid, yet adopted a humanoid form. (TW: Greeks Bearing Gifts) Their internal structure could be seen faintly through their skin. They had tendril "hair" on the top of their head and on their backs. They had five long, slender fingers and a blue tint to their skin, although their aura gives off colours that are invisible to the human eye. (WEB: Sarah Jane Smith website) They shared many aesthetic qualities with Oblivioners, who hailed from the same star system. (REF: The Torchwood Archives)

Mary, an Arcateenian, was shown to have super-speed and strength, telepathy and the ability to inhabit the body of a Human. (TW: Greeks Bearing Gifts) This body inhabiting power was shared with the Oblivioners, a race also from the Arcan system. (REF: The Torchwood Archives)

Whether all Butterfly People have these abilities or whether these abilities were technology based is unknown.

To maintain their shape on any planet with a stronger gravitational field than their own, they required large amounts of energy. (TW: Greeks Bearing Gifts)

Mary, returning to her true form. (TW: Greeks Bearing Gifts)


An Arcateenian's skill-set varied depending on which planet it hailed from. Arcateen IV was the main seat of government in the system. Arcateenians from this planet developed a way with words, although this often works against them as they can occasionally take up to eight hours to complete a conversation. At the other end of the scale, Arcateenians from Arcateen V developed a concise and poetic way with words, meaning they are often very creative. (REF: The Torchwood Archives) The Arcateenians of Arcateen V were more artistic and most of the population were artists, singers and poets who travel the galaxy spreading their talent. (TW: Greeks Bearing Gifts)


The Arcateenians had faster-than-light travel capabilities, including transporter systems and superluminal communications technology. (TW: Greeks Bearing Gifts, SJA: Invasion of the Bane) They had developed this by, at the latest, the early 1800s. (TW: Greeks Bearing Gifts)

Sarah Jane Smith's friend, the star poet, appeared to have wings and did not seem to use a transporter, but when leaving simply flew away into the night sky.


In the early 1800s, a criminal Butterfly Person was sent to Earth from either Arcateen IV, Arcateen V or Arcateen VI with her jailer. She killed the jailer and took over the body of a passing Human. She continued to live on Earth for 200 years by feeding on the hearts of other humans. According to her, at that point in time her planet was run by an oppressive government which forced worship and exiled prisoners like herself. (TW: Greeks Bearing Gifts)

Mary may have been lying about Arcateen's history.

By the 21st century, there appeared to be a benevolent government on Arcateen V, and peaceful star poets from the planet would travel to other star systems with their poetry. One such traveler met Sarah Jane Smith and gave her a superluminal communications device. (SJA: Invasion of the Bane)

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