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image:Germany.gif Arcania
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: December 22, 2004
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
Level – Magic Level – Fist – Club – Sword – Axe – Distance – Shielding – Fishing

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Additional Info

  • The name "Arcania" comes from the latin word Arcan and means Hidden.
  • Arcania is the first server that Morgaroth appeared on Aug 7th, 2006. It wasn't killed because of a debug to players. Morgaroth was finally slayed after 2 years on Aug 18th, 2008.
  • Arcania is the world where probably the biggest scam in Tibia was done. Player Bedurion (level 218) was hosting a POI quest service. Every player had to pay 400k to join. After taking the payments of over 70 people, he took them to the begin of the POI quest. After switching all the levers, and let people enter the place, he decided to leave them behind. However after it he became "hunted" by his former guild (Dark Purples Faster Turtles). He told the community he scamed over 28.000.000 gp. Later he sold his character for an unknown amount.
  • Arcania was ruled by the Dark Purple Faster Turtles a long time ago. They teamed up with the guild Shadies, which made the world almost impossible to play.
  • Arcania is currently at war. Last war which started after splitting up the guild Dark Purples Faster Turtles and creating guilds Interregnum and La Revolution took around 1000 souls in less than 6 months. The guild La Revolution officially gave up on Sep 04th, 2008. Few months later guild In Pectore was created from old La Revolution members and Aero Angels guild. They declared war upon Interregnum at Dec 16th, 2008. Currently guild Whisper joined In Pectore. So far war took over 500 souls.


Poi Boss items

Pharaohs rare items

  • Ancient Tiara - Owned by players Medivh Shady, Lukasz from Arcania, Thouri Shady, Dark Kajko, Thed Xalin
  • Pharaoh Sword - Owned by player Ames Trucia, Thouri Shady
  • Crystal Mace - Owned by players Lukasz from Arcania, Dark Kajko, Thouri Shady
  • Phoenix Shield - Owned by player Dark Kajko, Thouri Shady, Boroth Flam
  • Djinn Blade - Owned by players Lord Smigacz, Lukasz from Arcania, Death Flam, Solardo, Thouri Shady
  • Holy Falcon - Owned by player Thouri Shady
  • Twin Axe - Owned by player Medivh Shady, Dark Kajko

Other Boss items

Other rare items

  • Fur Cap - Owned by player Dark Boltt
  • Executioner - Owned by player Medivh Shady, Thed Xalin, Thouri Shady
  • Heavy Mace - Owned by player Lord Smigacz, Lukasz from Arcania, Dark Kajko
  • Abyss Hammer - 2x Owned by player Medivh Shady, Thouri Shady, Thed Xalin
  • Divine Plate - Owned by player Boroth Flam, Alunir, Lukasz from Arcania
  • Runed Sword - Owned by player Leszczu Dragonbreath
  • The Famous Golden Bug - Only owned by player Lisy slayer


  • First Full Bones Outfit Owned by Player Aata Arhari
  • First Full Nightmare Outfits Owned by Player Medivh Shady
  • First Full Mage outfit Owned by Player Kiel od wersalki

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