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The Arcane Labyrinth (ひもんの迷宮, Himon no Meikyu) is a new set of dungeons featured in Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition. It consists of a group of three dungeons, each with a set of generated floors (see below) and a static floor at the end containing only a boss. There is a fourth dungeon, Arcane Sanctuary, which is technically not part of the Arcane Labyrinth, but is an integral part of the Labyrinth side-quest. It contains no random encounters, no chests and consists of one extremely long stairway down, with Deumion (see below) in a big room at the bottom. It is not possible to save the game in any of the dungeons or use magic to teleport out of them.


  • Arcane Labyrinth North West Quarter is located west of Salamand and has 4 floors;
  • Arcane Labyrinth North East Quarter is located north of Bafsk and has 6 floors;
  • Arcane Labyrinth South East Quarter is located east of Kashuan (far to the southwest of Bafsk) and has 10 floors;
  • Arcane Sanctuary is located in the mountains north of Poft.

To navigate through the Labyrinth, the player must break a seal at the start of a dungeon and in the subsequent floors by finding the seal and using on it a keyword his/her party have learned. Breaking a seal generates the next floor of the dungeon and turns the seal into a teleporter that takes the party to that floor. Each keyword has a unique floor, and each floor contains another seal which can be used to either continue on with another keyword or drop everything and return to the outside. After navigating through the pre-set number of floors the party will face a boss, after which the seal will be "released" from the dungeon. The player is then supposed to move on to the next dungeon and do the same.

After releasing the seal from all three dungeons, the player is supposed to head to the Arcane Sanctuary and find Deumion, who will make them face Phrekyos. Upon defeating Phrekyos, Deumion ask the player if they have a particular wish. Depending on the keyword used to answer him, as well as keywords used to navigate through the dungeons, the party can get one of the character's Ultimate Weapons, a special magic tome unavailable elsewhere in the game (see "New Spells" below), or an Elixir. After receiving the prize the Labyrinth is reset and the player is free to start it all over again.

In order to obtain the Ultimate Weapon for a character, the player has to use certain keywords when navigating through the Labyrinths. These words need to have a relation to the character, and can be found by questioning the mages standing in the dungeons' entrances. Deumion must also be told the keyword which best suits the character, and the character must to be in the party.

New Spells

To receive one of the new spells of the game, Revive, the player must fight Phrekyos, Deumion's summon, and give Deumion the Light of Hope (obtained by completing the task in the Guardian floor). If the party wishes to receive the game's most powerful spell, Destroy, they must give Deumion the Destruction keyword and defeat him. It is impossible to obtain both spells in the same game.


Each floor is accesses by using a certain keyword, and each has a certain task to be done, which will give the player either a new, Labyrinth-specific keyword or a tip on how to beat another floor's task. Once you know the tip and/or have the keyword, you can skip the task on subsequent run-throughs.

A certain keyword can be used/floor can be accessed only once per dungeon, but a dungeon is reset if the player chooses to leave it unfinished (by using a seal to return to outside from any of the floors) or when s/he gets a prize from Deumion. It takes a minimum of 11 keywords/floors to finish all three dungeons.

There are 45 possible floors in the Arcane Labyrinth, but no more than 20 can be chosen in each run.


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