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A Super Scarab in front of the main structure.

The Arcadia Forerunner Ruins are a series of Forerunner ruins in the jungles of planet Arcadia. They were a site of a conflict between United Nations Space Command and Covenant forces in the year 2531. Not much is known about the possible functions or purposes of the structures.



The ruins are located in a basin, overlooked by a plateau where the ONI Base resides. They consist of numerous temple-like structures, and a main structure, which is likely an entrance to a some sort of underground complex. The temple structures radiate from the main structure in a half-circle shaped pattern. In some areas, Forerunner floor texture can also be seen under the ground dirt.[1]


Concept art for the area.
Main article: First Battle of Arcadia

In 2531, during their search for a key to activate The Apex, the Covenant showed interest towards Arcadia, as a structure on Harvest pointed them towards the planet. The Covenant forces traveled to Arcadia with two CCS-class Battlecruisers. One was destroyed, but the other one engaged in surface activity, attacking Pirth City and searching for Forerunner artifacts on the planet. After they found the ruins, the Covenant deployed a massive dome-shaped energy shield on the planet surface to prevent the UNSC forces from reaching the structures.[2]

The UNSC forces established a base at the abandoned ONI Base in proximity of the ruin complex, and managed to breach the energy barrier with a few Rhinoes, and after securing the area they established a base and proceeded to investigate the area. However, the Covenant had started to build a Super Scarab in front of the main structure, to keep the UNSC forces away from it.

The Covenant tried to destroy the UNSC base, by using the Scarab's main cannon to destroy the temple structures protecting it. However, the UNSC forces managed to weaken the Scarab by destroying its power nodes, and eventually the Scarab itself. When the Scarab had been destroyed, Ellen Anders proceeded to investigate the area, under the watchful eye of Sergeant Forge.

As the Covenant didn't seemingly find anything of use from the ruins, the Arbiter traveled to the Shield World to consult the Prophet of Regret for advice. The Hierarch ordered the Arbiter to capture professor Anders, as she could possibly be used to activate the installation.

While Forge and Anders were investigating the ruins, the Arbiter appeared, and captured Anders. Shortly thereafter, the Covenant ship jumped out of the system, and the UNSC Spirit of Fire followed.



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