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Aratech Repulsor Company
Organizational information
Primary role(s)

Droid and weapons manufacturer

Chronological and political information

Galactic Republic

Aratech started out before 4,000 BBY, and manufactured, among other things, sniper rifles and G0-T0 infrastructure planning system droids, including the most infamous unit, known simply as G0-T0 or "Goto". The company was often at odds with the larger Czerka Corporation, who they saw as conservative and immoral. When several G0-T0s rebelled against the Galactic Republic in 3,946 BBY, the bad press nearly bankrupted Aratech. The company's second attempt at networked droids was the BRT Supercomputer. Another failure, Aratech abandoned droid manufacturing and focused on repulsorlift technology.

As Aratech Repulsor Company, it pledged its support to the Republic during the Clone Wars. Their most noted product was the 74-Z speeder bike, which remained in service throughout the Clone Wars and the reign of Palpatine's Galactic Empire.


Notable products


Vehicles and vessels


Defense Systems

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Aratech Corporation, formerly Aratech Systems
Organizational information

Jayar Keven

Led by

Executive Director


Aratech Systems, Pelonxe, Detech

Major products


Chronological and political information

Aratech Systems: 48 ABY
Aratech Corporation: 52 ABY

Date dissolved

132 ABY





Aratech Corporation, originally Aratech Systems was a small company that broke out big around 52 ABY, when it merged with Pelonxe, a weapon company and produced some reliable starships, primarily the WraithX-Beta Interceptor. Around 54 ABY, the company bought Detech, a sensor company, to add to their posessions. Aratech is well known for their WraithX series.



The Beginning (48-52 ABY)

The Logo used by Aratech Systems and Aratech. When renamed to Aratech Corporation, the Logo was changed.

The Mighty Aratech Corporation started off in 48 ABY as a company called Aratech Systems. Its founder was Jayar Keven, who decided to hope for a break in his luck. His company picked up slow, but got rolling and started to make fair amounts of money. Aratech Systems focused on navigational and other onboard computer systems, and came up with the NavGuide series. By 51 ABY, Aratech decided that they wanted to try their luck at shipbuilding. Many of Aratech’s brightest brains began working on a prototype stealth fighter. To prevent the expense of money on new employees with expertise in weapons and other necessary skills, Aratech Systems proposed a merge between themselves and Pelonxe Engineering. Pelonxe Engineering was a company similar to Aratech, but with its focus on weapons. Aratech Systems and Pelonxe Engineering decided to change their name to just plain Aratech. Soon afterwards, the stealth fighter that Aratech had been working on, the WraithX-Alpha, released. Although it didn’t rip up the markets, it did considerably boost to Aratech’s income. With their excess money, Aratech bought a sensor company called Detech, and shortly after changed their name to Aratech Corporation. Nevertheless, all three of the most popular products were kept: the NavGuide computers, the SD Engines, and the Detech sensors arrays. Finally Aratech Corp was on their way to success.

The Rise (53-62 ABY)

Aratech Corporation’s size and success was growing, but had yet to make a very successful spacecraft. Keven decided that their successful ship would be the WraithX-Beta Interceptor, and thus many designers and workers were directed full-time to it. In 55 ABY, when the WraithX-Beta was finally released, sales soared. First, the GA took interest, buying about one hundred for testing and later requested to be regularly supplied with the WraithX’s while they replaced them with the aging StealthX’s. The GA’s quickly arranged deals with Aratech provided an even further boost to Aratech Corporation’s success, fame, and income. One such deal was that the GA had made was that they would get the first look at the WraithX-Delta’s when they were released, and be able to be supplied with the WraithX-Delta’s before they went out on the market. The next major move Aratech Corporation made was to buy the right to make factories and an orbital shipyard on and above Kreva, a planet on the Middle Rim. For the next five years, a few decent ships were released, but nothing as high selling as the WraithX line. In 61 ABY, about the time that the orbital shipyard was completed, the GA were given their first look at the WraithX-Delta. They requested, complete with a considerable sum of credits, that Aratech delayed the release until 62 ABY because of some various revolutionary conflicts occurring at the time. So, early into 62 ABY, the WraithX-Delta was released as a resounding hit, marking Aratech’s rise into a top company of the time.

The Success (63-87 ABY)

Aratech was part of the best, but was yet to get to the top. In 66 ABY, when the WraithX-Delta’s sales were just starting to dwindle, Aratech shocked the market, releasing a five new products in a single day. The VV1 Gunship, the C0V Civilian Yacht, and the B1-5 XR Gemini/Laser Anti-Armor were all new product lines, whereas the SD-800 Engine and Detech v26.2 sensor array were already popular lines. Nevertheless, all five releases rose to the tops of their categories. The GA were interested in both V1 and B1-5 lines, and the C0V became an instant success. Meanwhile, Aratech had already bought a large company, called Yuiller’sess Factory Workings, which owned numerous factories and shipyards scattered throughout the Mid Rim. Aratech held itself at the top of the production lines for a long three weeks before it dropped to third, only lower than Sienar Fleet Systems and Kuat Drive Yards. During the next five years, Sienar, Aratech, and KDY would war over the top three spots, but by 71 ABY, Aratech Corporation had gained the top position and would hold it for the next fourteen years. Years passed, and Aratech strengthen their hold on the number one seed. In 77 ABY, Jayar Keven, original creator of the Corporation, retired, leaving the company in the hands of his capable son, Jayvan Keven, and creating the first Keven dynasty.

Jayvan began his career profitably, arranging a merge with one of the top companies in weapons, BlasTech, who had recently fallen on some financial troubles. The merge shocked the galaxy and finally brought the GA to the realization that Aratech was gaining influence over a large portion of the Galaxy, particularly the Mid Rim. A series of laws were passed in an attempt to limit Aratech's power, but the GA was to late to do anything besides scratch the surface. Meanwhile, Aratech's veil of influence expanded outwards. Nevertheless, Jayvan didn't want absolute power. He was content to increase the lead between Aratech and all the companies tagging far behind. To the Galactic Alliance's relief, he also signed a no-aggression pact with the GA after Jayvan realized their fears of conquest. Aratech Corporation continued to grow, but much slower than ten years before. By 85 ABY, Jayvan had grown over-confident, and began to bankrupt many of the smaller opponents with various fines, regulations, and products that wreck those companies financially. Little did he know that this move would ultimately would end his life.

The Descent (88-90 ABY)

88 ABY passed. Then 89. When 90 ABY rolled around, Aratech was having their worst year since 60 ABY. But this was nothing compared to what was going to happen. In a single second, it all changed.

Jayven was shot by a sniper and died instantly.

Jayven had just finished a speech on Kreva when he recieved a bolt through his forehead. The sniper was caught by Aratech's Security Police Order (SPO), but two bomb explosions drew much of the force guarding him away. The assassin gave away that one of the companies that Jayven had backrupted had hired him, but then his accomplices attacked the guards and freed the assassin. The assassin and his assistants escaped the planet and were not found.

This fatality sent the massive company reeling. The first Keven had died seven years after retirement, and the next Keven, Jayon, was but fifteen. The Head Commissioner, Ryre Irroi, backed by a good part of Aratech's employees, claimed his right as Executive Director immediately, while many of the more veteran employees supported Jayon. Jayon may have been young, but he was decisive. With his loyal party, he took control of three Shard-class Heavy Frigates and destroyed Station 5-3-C without hesitation. This move settled the factions, and firmly settled Jayon as Executive Director and in the Keven Dynasty.

The Restructuring (91-95 ABY)

With Jayon having firmly settled himself in the place of Director, he turned his attention back to the company. During the brief civil war, many of the factories and shipyards had been damaged, and during the following months, the corporation starting building up to their original production numbers. While this was going on, Jayon restructured his chain of command, created a Consultive Council, which had to the power to even overrule his dicisions. Time was invested in the SPO as well; R&D devoted a whole section of its people on non-commercialized equipment for the SpO.

Finally, by 95 ABY, everything was back in order. Money started flowing back in, and Aratech was returning to its former dominion.

The Redominance (96-127 ABY)

As Aratech's dominion streched on, under Jayon's guidence, and for the next twenty Aratech went along ahindered. They were now supplying the GA with many of its ships, weapons, and droids that were used in its military. The last two companies that were came anywhere near to Aratech were Kuat Drive Yards, who had survived throughout the years, and Mon Calamari Shipyards, another company, who, simply by their previous success, sustained themselves. By an unspoken code of honor, Aratech generally veered their operations away from those two sectors.

The Downfall (128-132)

The Finish (133-134)

The After (134+)


Aratech Systems

Pelonxe Engineering


Yuiller’sess Machine Workings


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  • B-1 Laser Anti-Armor




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