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This article is about the Aramadia-class thrustship. You may be looking for the Aramadia-class lead ship, the Aramadia or the Super Star Destroyer, the Aramadia.
Aramadia-class thrustship
Production information

Nazfar Metalworks Guild


Aramadia-class thrustship


Medium Cruiser

Technical specifications

240 meters


240 meters


240 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

950 kmh

Engine unit(s)

Aradian pulse-lifters (6)

Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2.0
  • Backup Class 8.0
Fire Arc: Turret
Crew: 3
Space Range: 75 km
Atmospheric Range: 150 km
Fire Arc: Turret
Crew: 3
Space Range: 50 km
Fire Arc: Front
Crew: 3
Space Range: 60 km
Atmospheric Range: 120 km
Fire Arc: Front
Crew: 4
Space Range: 60 km
Atmospheric Range: 120 km
  • Missile launcher batteries (4)
Fire Arc: Front
Crew: 3
Space Range: 60 km
Atmospheric Range: 120 km

D-type fighters (40)

  • Crew (6,810)
  • Gunners (49)


Cargo capacity

10,000 metric tons


3 months


New Republic era



The Aramadia-class thrustships, also called T-types or Fat Men by the New Republic Defense Fleet, were the main combat vessels of the Yevethan space forces.



The Aramadia class was a 240 meter diameter spheroid with six Aradian pulse-lifters arrayed in an inverted triangle at its stern. It was from these pulse lifters that the ship earned its designation as a "thrustship".

Thrustships in battle formation.

The ship was armed with eight turbolaser batteries mounted on an internal shift-track spaced around the ship. Advanced targeting systems allowed for up to four batteries to link their fire and concentrate it on a single target. Despite the punch the link batteries could provide, its major combat payload laid in its projectile launching capability. It carried three proton torpedo launchers, a centrally mounted gravity bomb launcher with four bombs per load, and four ten-tube missile batteries. Overall, the weapon systems earned it a grade of medium cruiser.

The Aramadia class also benefited from superior shielding. The ship's spherical shape enhanced the shield generators' ability to provide smooth coverage, allowing for maximum shielding with minimal power.

These ships carried 40 Yevethan D-type trifoil fighters.


The thrustship designs were developed by the Yevetha of the planet N'zoth. Their early designs consisted of sub-light vessels which they used to form the Duskhan League and consisted of twelve colonies before the Galactic Empire enslaved the race. After the Battle of Endor, the Yevetha rose against the Imperials and managed to capture the entirety of the Black Sword Command. Using the Star Destroyer designs, they supplemented the Black Fleet with their own thrustships which they built hundreds of such vessels in order to wage a campaign against the inhabitants of the galaxy in order to purify it from alien presences.

As the technical skill of the species advanced, the Duskhan League modified their thrustships thus providing them with the means for hyperspace travel. One such thrustship, known as the Aramadia was used as Viceroy Nil Spaar's personal transport during a diplomatic meeting with the New Republic on Coruscant. The negotiations were, however, only a plow for Spaar to determine the strength of his foes and orchestrated a political incident in order to turn the political system of the Republic against Chief of State Leia Organa Solo. This included the Aramadia blasting off from Coruscant in order to give the appearance of "escaping" from the tyranny of Princess Leia.

Hundreds of thrustships were later used by the Yevetha during their secretive Great Purge of the Koornacht Cluster. Such ships were used to exterminate alien populations and colonize them with Yevethan settlers. After the capture of General Han Solo, Nil Spaar attempted to persuade the Corellian to convince Leia Organa Solo of the futility of further conflict by showing hundreds of thrustships under construction on N'zoth by the Nazfar Metalworks Guild. He further stated that further such vessels were constructed on the other worlds in the Yevethan Protectorate and that the Yevetha would not relent in their actions but this failed to dissuade General Solo. Later, as conflict began to grow between the Duskhan League and the New Republic, the thrustships were used as a primary warship during the Black Fleet Crisis until the Yevetha's defeat at the Battle of N'zoth.

After their defeat, the Yevetha began their attempts at rebuilding their fleet which included countless new thrustships in their forces. However, during the Yuuzhan Vong War, the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong were highlighted of the threat of the Yevetha by the Fia from Galantos. This led to the brutal invaders attacking and decimating the Yevetha forces; annihilating the species and leaving countless hulks of burning thrustships in orbit around N'zoth.




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