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He doesn't look very trusting....
race: Human
affiliation: Shady Sands
role: Leader of Shady Sands
location: Shady Sands
family: Tandi (daughter)
appearances: Fallout
Fallout 2 Mentioned only
quests: Rescue Tandi from the Raiders, Stop the Radscorpions
SPECIAL: ST 6, PE 6, EN 8, CH 9, IN 8, AG 7, LK 6
dialogue file: ARADESH.MSG
actor: Tony Shalhoub

Aradesh was the leader of Shady Sands from 2142 to 2161



Originally an inhabitant of Vault 15, Aradesh left the Vault together with the other dwellers following a disastrous attack by raiders and founded Shady Sands using the G.E.C.K. in 2142. He led the community with a steady, guiding hand, reinforcing the slightly xenophobic attitudes of the townsfolk, aiming to make it a completely self sufficient community and keep it that way. Initially, he greeted the Vault Dweller with reserve, but after he removed the radscorpion threat and saved his daughter from the Khans, he welcomed him openly in the community.

Aradesh, Seth and Tandi would later start laying the foundations for the New California Republic, with him being elected as its first President. Inspired by the Vault Dweller, Aradesh and Seth searched for Vault 13, but during one of the expeditions, all trace of them was lost and he was presumed dead. Afterwards, his daughter took the position of President, guiding the NCR to a brighter, safer future.

Interactions with the player

Likely the first Talking Head the player encounters, Aradesh initiates two quests in the game, as well as providing background information on Shady Sands and his daughter, Tandi.


Tell Me About

You can ask Aradesh about the following words: Aradesh, Claw, Dharma, Junktown, Khans, Lair, Raiders, Razlo, Scorpion, Scorpions, Seth, Spear, Station, Tandi, Tower, Vipers.


Apparel Weapon Other item
- Spear
41 caps


Aradesh appears only in the first Fallout. He is a Talking Head voiced by Tony Shalhoub. He is mentioned in Fallout 2 by Tandi.


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