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Arachni's Haunt
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Dungeon
Levels: 2
Part of: Depths of Tyria
Magus Stones

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Path to Arachni's Haunt


General Description

Arachni's Haunt is a 2-level dungeon. It is home to Arachni. You must have the quest Scrambled Reinforcements active in order to be able to progress further than the first floor.

Getting There

Go southwest from Rata Sum through Magus Stones. The entrance to the Haunt is in the southwest corner.






Boss-like foes

Light of Deldrimor Rewards

Level 1

  • There is a Dwarven Ghost in the room after the second Beacon of Droknar. It is located along the southern wall, right in the center.
  • There is a secret switch in the rear of the large room where Lok The Mischievous is located. It is located right behind the second to last large column on the left side. The passage that opens up is located in the center of the southern wall in the same room. This secret passage is huge and there are three Hidden Treasures and one Dwarven Ghost.
  • There is a second Dwarven Ghost located in the first room of the secret passage.
  • There is a third Dwarven Ghost located in the large cavern with the first Spider Matriarch. Right after coming out of the passage with the poison traps, turn right and go up the slope. Turn left again and go over the bridge. The Dwarven Ghost is located right on the other side of the bridge.
  • There are two Hidden Treasures just after the second Spider Matriarch. One near the spiders web, and one up the slope.

Level 2

  • There is a secret switch near the first Asura Flame Staff. Upon entering floor 2, head East. You'll go through a doorway and your path will intersect with another pathway. You'll have several corpse of Asura on your left and two torches on your right. The secret switch is located along the center of the wall in front of you. The secret passage that opens up is right behind the Area Map.
  • There are two Hidden Treasure inside the secret passage.
  • There is a Dwarven Ghost located East of the second Beacon of Droknar in the room with several caskets flooded with water. The spawn location is right next to the Northern most casket, the one that is uncovered. There is Hidden Treasure just a bit east of the ghost.
  • There is a Hidden Treasure in the passage that runs south from the second Beacon of Droknar. It lies between the 3rd column on the left and the 2nd column on the right.
  • If you head west from the first Beacon of Droknar, you'll come to a round room full of beetles and mushrooms. There is a Hidden Treasure on the southern end of the little pond.



  • Upon entering, the dungeon appears scarcely populated with enemies. Do not be fooled. As you attack the visible enemies, groups of Ooze will spawn, including Earthbound Ooze. Since the Ooze can replicate themselves using Ooze Division, they will increase in number (since you may be concentrating on killing the spiders), and the Earthbound Ooze can easily wipe out an unprepared party using their powerful AoE damage.
  • Beware of the numerous poison spouts and jets. They can wipe out a group of unprepared players when they suddenly go off, especially if that player is lagging or not paying attention. Bring lots of condition removal and party heals to counter the damage.
  • As you proceed past the poison dart room, several huge balls of fire will start rolling towards you, one at a time. If they crush you, you will die with no death penalty, but in this instance, you will probably still be engaged in combat, so it is best to avoid these.
  • AoE damage is extremely useful against the large groups of low level spiders.
  • It is useful to the party if you light the eggs one at a time due to a spawn of spiders per group of eggs. Also on the fourth group of eggs the spawn of spiders is delayed.
  • Blinding skills, or skills such as Price of Failure, Reckless Haste, and Spiteful Spirit make the final boss battle much easier. The damage from Arachni comes from Barrage. Diversion can also be used to make her simply stop doing anything except try to use Troll Unguent.
  • Minion Masters are extremely useful, as they are very efficient in killing the many weaker mobs. There are enough corpses to easily support two Minion Masters. Consider using a Curses Necromancer with Barbs and Mark of Pain to boost the damage output considerably. However, keep them away from Ominous Ooze as they will steal the minions.
  • Lok the Mischievous is easily killed at range with a long/flat bow -- he will not move from his spot. He does not have high armor, so it does not take too long.
  • Killing the Flame Guardian on floor 2 disables the Fire traps.
Map of the previous secret area showing the entrance.
  • Part of the second floor of the dungeon is very similar to the second floor of Vloxen Excavations
  • It is not necessary to carry the Asura Flame Staff with you through all the floors as there are others scattered around by 4 bodies of dead asurans.
  • To kill Arachni, hiding behind one of the rock columns while nuking her with spells works very well. You may want to have a tank with interrupts to interrupt her Troll Unguent. Be sure to bring SS.
  • Occasionally, one of the Spider Matriarchs will fail to spawn. Simply go away for a while, it seems they appear eventually (see Discussion).
  • Beware of Lok The Mischievous's fiery boulders that will kill you instantly if you are struck by them.
  • Bringing Winds is a good idea since there is a lot of ranged damage.
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