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Image:Quote1.png Creeping catfish! What've we done, Aquaman? Image:Quote2.png
-- Aqualad

Appearing in "The Haunted Sea"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Freedloy (Single appearance)
  • Merder (Single appearance)
  • Volo (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Baron Debois (In flashback only) (unconfirmed)



  • Thunder-Rod


  • None

Synopsis for "The Haunted Sea"

Aquaman and Aqualad begin investigating the mysterious disappearances of several sea vessels. They witness an ocean liner consumed by a gigantic hand made out of water. They follow the ship's watery descent only to find themselves trapped inside of bubbles of air. They eventually break free and encounter a sorcerer who calls himself Baron Debois. Debois and his colleagues are trapped inside the microscopic confines of a drop of water. Debois befriends Aquaman but quickly turns on him, using his mystical powers to shrink the two in size. The Baron's true name is Merder, and he is a dark sorcerer. He places him within a dungeon in Red Coral Mountain where he meets the crew of a sunken freighter. Aquaman escapes and finds a serum that will return all of the prisoners to normal size. Merder employs his thunder-rod and takes control of all life in the sea. Aquaman discovers that a strong jolt of electricity is enough to free the creatures from Merder's spell. After setting them free, Aqualad and he hide inside the mouth of a whale shark until they can get close enough to Merder to apprehend him. After defeating the evil sorcerer, they use his own technology to return him and his followers to their microscopic prison.


  • This issue is reprinted in Showcase Presents: Aquaman, Volume 1.
  • It is unknown whether Baron Debois was an actual person or not.
  • This issue is divided into three chapters:
  • Part I: The Haunted Sea
  • Part II: The Deadly Trap in Coral Mountain
  • Part III: A Sorcerer Rules the Waves


  • This issue includes a text article titled "Pioneers of the Sea".

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