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From The Vault

Aqua Pura
effects: If not infected with Modified FEV:
+20 HP (identical to Purified Water)
If infected with Modified FEV:
-2 Strength, -1 Intelligence
addiction: none
weight: 1
value: 0
base id: xx00104f

Aqua Pura is literally "Pure Water" that is available once the add-on Broken Steel is installed, and the quest Take it Back! is completed. This water is from the Potomac River Basin and has been completely cleansed of its radioactivity by the Purifier at the Jefferson Memorial.

Drinking the water after choosing to infect it with the Modified FEV will result in a player debuff (-2 STR and -1 INT) and, if you drink too many, you will die (this is usually any more than two), so be careful. The reason for this danger is the fact that the Lone Wanderer was actually born outside of a Vault (beneath the Jefferson Memorial itself, in fact) and thus he or she is not immune against the Modified FEV since it was designed to kill anyone who had been exposed from birth to the radiation and other mutational effects of the Wasteland.




Behind the scenes

  • Aqua Pura means "Pure Water" in Latin.


  • Giving any amount of Aqua Pura to Water Beggars will result in their death at the next map change, regardless of whether or not the Aqua Pura contains Modified FEV. (confirmed on all platforms)
  • Sometimes after drinking Aqua Pura a message will appear saying that "Aqua Pura has worn off". This is like when a chem wears off but there were no effects to begin with. This message may appear at random times, days after drinking Aqua Pura. (Not a bug really, it wears off the debuffs if a player is infected by the purified water's FEV virus; it just isn't removed from the pure version.) (confirmed on all platforms)
  • NPCs use this as an aid item during firefights. It has the same effects on them if there is Modified FEV added to the water. However, NPCs drinking it will trigger the script that attributes the negative effect to you. In essence, if NPCs drink many infected Aqua Puras, the script will kill you instead of them. (confirmed Xbox 360)
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