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For the quest, see The Amazing Aqua Cura.
Aqua Cura
effects: +10 HP, +6 Radiation
addiction: none
weight: 1
value: 10
quests: The Amazing Aqua Cura
base id: xx006f62

Aqua Cura is a fake version of Aqua Pura in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.

It is produced by the ghoul Griffon by switching Aqua Pura with irradiated water to sell to the ghouls in Underworld. He would then sell the real Aqua Pura to people the Brotherhood of Steel won't give it to, such as the Raiders and Brotherhood Outcasts, to increase his profits.

Griffon also tries to increase his profits on the water by telling the ghouls it has effects that will benefit them (which it does because it heals them with the radiation, but it also furthers their "ghoulification".)


  • Several are found in boxes on/right of the table next to Griffon.
  • It can be bought from Griffon (which costs 10 caps)
  • 30 can be found in Griffon's bottling operation (which is in the Museum Authority Building)


  • If a certain speech challenge is used to complete the quest, The Amazing Aqua Cura, Griffon will then sell regular Aqua Pura, although he will continue to call it Aqua Cura which he claims is to give hope to the ghouls that purchase the water (though it is probably for marketing reasons).
  • Griffon claims that Aqua Cura can:
    • Cure ghoul skin problems in "Just five minutes!"
    • Cure clumsiness.
    • Help sleep.
    • Remove stains.
    • Cure headaches.
    • Induce love.
    • Help eyesight problems.
    • Help hair growth.
    • It tastes great, and reverses radiation poisoning.
    • Help concentration.
    • Improve hearing.

Behind the scenes

  • The name may come from the Latin verb curare (to cure), so the meaning of "Aqua Cura" may be "Water that Heals."
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