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Strago casting Aqua Breath.

Aqua Breath, also known as Aqua Rake or Aqualung, is a recurring Blue Magic spell from the Final Fantasy series. It will usually deal Water-elemental damage to all opponents for a large sum of MP.




Final Fantasy V

Aqua Breath, also known as Aqua Rake, is a Blue Magic spell that deals non-elemental damage to all enemies. It also deals 8x damage to Desert creatures, making it an extremely lethal weapon against such enemies. It is so powerful that it can kill Sandworm in one single hit, and Land Crawlers in three. A Blue Mage may learn Aqua Breath from the Dhorme Chimera, Manticore, Leviathan, Bahamut, Azulmagia, Water Crystal, Enuo, Gogo, and Aquagel enemies.

Aqua Breath is non-elemental in this game, rather than Water-elemental.

Final Fantasy VI

Strago has Aqua Breath, also known as Aqua Rake, as one of his initial Lores. In this game, it also deals Wind-elemental damage. A separate Lore called Cleansweep, learned from enemies such as the Enuo, deals pure Water-elemental damage.

Final Fantasy VII

Aqualung is an Enemy Skill learned from the boss Jenova∙LIFE, and the enemies Harpy and Serpent. It deals massive Water-elemental damage to all opponents. The MP cost is 34. If the entire party is in the Reflect status and Aqualung is used against them, the spell will hit back three times. This, along with the fact that few enemies have Water resistance, makes this Enemy Skill very effective against bosses and strong enemies.

Final Fantasy VIII

Quistis can learn Aqua Breath by using Water Crystal item. Water Crystals can be Mugged from Fastitocalon. One Water Crystal can be refined from one Fastitocalon card, or from five Fastitocalon-F cards, using Quezacotl's Card Mod ability. Its magic power differs from Crisis Level:

  • Crisis Level 1: 50
  • Crisis Level 2: 70
  • Crisis Level 3: 80
  • Crisis Level 4: 100

Final Fantasy IX

Aqua Breath is an ability used by Axolotl and Quale. It has a low hit rate and often misses, and costs 14 MP to use. Instead of doing fixed damage, Aqua Breath will instead deal damage equal to 1/4 of the target's Max HP, essentially making it a Gravity type spell.

Quina can learn Aqua Breath as a Blue Magic from the Sahagin, Gigan Toad, Axolotl, and green Vepal.

Final Fantasy X

Kimahri can learn Aqua Breath from the Chimera enemies.

Final Fantasy XI

Aqua Breath is a Breath Attack used by Adamantoise.

Final Fantasy XII

Enemies can use Aqua Bubbles to cause Water-elemental damage and inflict Sap status. A stronger version, Mythril Bubbles, causes Confusion and Poison in addition to Water-elemental damage.


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