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Water as seen in Final Fantasy VIII.

Water (ウォータ, Wōta) is a Water-elemental spell which first appeared in Final Fantasy VII. In the games it appears in, it is often the only means of inflicting Water elemental damage to the enemy save for the summon Leviathan.

See also: Watera, Waterga, and Waterja.



Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Water, and its upgrades, Watera and Wateraga, are all Elemental Magic Materias. They all deal Water-elemental damage.

Final Fantasy VIII

Water inflicts Water-elemental damage on one opponent. It can be drawn or refined from items.

Draw from Level 1-100: Chimera, Grand Mantis, Paratrooper
Level 20-100: Slapper
Level 30-100: Fastitocalon, Fastitocalon-F
Draw Points None
Refine I Mag-RF: 1 Fish Fin refines into 20 Waters, 1 Water Crystal refines into 30 Waters
HP-J Str-J Vit-J Mag-J Spr-J Spd-J Eva-J Hit-J Luk-J
+3 +0.20 +0.14 +0.18 +0.14 +0.12 +0.04 +0.18 +0.13
Elem-Atk-J Elem-Def-J ST-Atk-J ST-Def-J
Water: +1.0% Water: +1.5% No effect No effect

Final Fantasy IX

Vivi can cast Water by learning it from the N-Kai Armlet for 55 AP, and costs 22 AP to cast. As such, it can also be used in conjunction with Steiner's Sword Magic.

Final Fantasy X

This game includes three levels of the Water spell (Water, Watera, and Waterga), putting it on the same level as the three key elemental magic spells, Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard. Like most Black Magic, it is located in Lulu's section of the Sphere Grid.

Final Fantasy X-2

Water is an ability that is already known by the Black Mage dressphere. It can also be used if the Blue Ring accessory or Menace of the Deep garment grid are equippped. The Dragon Scale and Water Gem items also have the effect of a Water spell. Water can also be used via Yuna's Festival-Goer Dressphere ability Water Geta.

Final Fantasy XI

Water is a tier 1 Black Magic spell found in Final Fantasy XI. Water is generally one of the earlier learned spells in any tier, just after the Earth-based Stone spells. This spell is purchasable by vendors for 162 gil or less depending on fame.

It can be learned by Black Mages at level 5, Scholars at level 8, Red Mages at level 9, and Dark Knights at level 11. When cast, the spell will deal Water-based elemental damage to a single enemy. It may be recast every 8 seconds for 13 MP. Upgraded versions are also available.

Final Fantasy XII

There is only one level of Water magick obtainable by the player in this game, and the Black Magick 2 license is required to use it. However, several enemies cast Watera and Waterga liberally and the Esper Famfrit can cast Waterja during the battle against him, and it can cause the Silence status. Famfrit's attacks are also Water-based.

In the International version, Water was renamed Aqua.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Water Can be cast by Bishops and Sages. It costs 12 MP.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Water is a HP Attack for Shantotto when using Spirit Magic: Water while her Brave is less than 3000. It creates a small burst of water surrounding opponents.


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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

Aqua monsters represent water and liquid for the most part, if not ice in certain cases, such as "Mobius the Frost Monarch". They may also represent aquatic or amphibious creatures that do not fall under the category of Fish or Sea Serpent. In the same respect, most Aqua-Type monsters are Water-Attribute monsters. Aqua-Type effects are varied, but many of the best focus on hand control.

The powerful Archetype of Frog monsters fall into this category.

Other notable Aqua-Type monsters include: "Tribe-Infecting Virus", "Cloudian - Eye of the Typhoon", "Penguin Soldier", "Abyss Soldier", "Servant of Catabolism", and "Yomi Ship".

The monsters that belong to this Type also gain a boost from "Umi", "Power of Kaishin", "Maiden of the Aqua" and "Wetlands".

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