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The Apocalypse in Final Fantasy VII.

The Apocalypse (アポカリプス Apokaripusu) is a recurring sword in the series. Usually one of the more powerful swords, it is a well-balanced weapon.




Final Fantasy V

The Apocalypse is a sword that can be found in the bonus dungeon of the Advance version. It can only be equipped by Gladiators, Knights, and Freelancers.

Final Fantasy VI

The Apocalypse is Terra's exclusive weapon, which is gained by defeating the new Red Dragon in the Dragons' Den. It can be thought of as a weaker Lightbringer or an upgraded Enhancer, as it has a very high Attack power and it consumes MP in order to deal stronger attacks. It is exclusive to the GBA version.

Final Fantasy VII

The Apocalypse is a sword of Cloud's. It is found in the Ancient Forest and has just three single Materia slots. However, the materia equipped on the weapon will grow at triple rate.

Final Fantasy X

Any of Tidus' swords can be customized into the Apocalypse if it bears four Status Strike abilities.

Final Fantasy XI

In this game, the Apocalypse is not a sword, but the final completed stage of the Relic Scythe, and the best weapon for the Dark Knight.

Final Fantasy XIII

The Apocalypse is a model of a gun-sword obtainable by Lightning.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Apocalypse is a Knightsword that teaches the Rasp spell to Bangaa Templars.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Apocalypse is a level 71 greatsword that adds 51 to Attack and increases physical damage dealt by 15%.

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