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For the weapon called Apocalypse, see List of Final Fantasy VI Weapons.

"On that day, the World was changed forever..."

The Apocalypse, also known as the Collapse or the Cataclysm, was the destruction of the World of Balance in Final Fantasy VI by Kefka Palazzo.

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After the attack on Thamasa, Emperor Gestahl and Kefka raised the Floating Continent, uncovering the Statues that were the gods of magic. When the party attacked the Floating Continent, Kefka attempted to revive the Statues. Gestahl, knowing that the alignment of the gods affected the shape of the planet, urged Kefka to stop and used a variety of powerful magic to attack him, but his attacks failed and Kefka used the power of the Statues to mortally wound him, before pitching his body off the Floating Continent. Afterwards, Kefka began repositioning the statues, destabilizing their magical field.

Through the intervention of Shadow, the party was able to escape to Setzer Gabbiani's airship Blackjack and flee the Floating Continent. However, the Statues were still out of alignment and the resulting imbalance of power caused the world's main continents to shatter into a series of islands, releasing many sealed monsters like Deathgaze, Humbaba, and the Eight Dragons, killing countless people and animals and destroying the Blackjack. This new world came to be called the World of Ruin, where many plants refuse to grow, monsters infused with magic roam the wasteland, and Kefka came to be a god and is worshipped as such.


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