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The Antilion's Cave last floor.
Antlion's Cave in the World Map.

The Antlion's Den, also known as Antlion's Cave, is a location in the game Final Fantasy IV. It is the cave that contains the nest of the Antlion, which lays the Sand Pearl, the only known cure for Desert Fever, among its eggs.




Final Fantasy IV

Cecil Harvey, Rydia, and Edward Chris von Muir came here to find a cure for Rosa Joanna Farrell's Sand Fever. They reached the Antlion's nest, and Edward tried to take the Sand Pearl from the usually tame Antlion. However, the Antlion became aggressive, and Cecil's party had to defeat it. They succeeded, and returned to Kaipo to heal Rosa.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Edward comes here to retrieve a Sand Pearl to heal Harley of her desert fever. After obtaining the Sand Pearl (with little effort), Edward returns to Kaipo to save Harley.


650 accumulated GP
Cure1 X3 Potion X4
Ether1 Ether
Life X2 Phoenix Down
Tent X2 Tent
Gold Needle
Antarctic Wind
Spider Silk X2
Charm Harp Lamia's Harp
Ice Rod

DS map completion rewards

Enemy formations

Final Fantasy IV

Imp x3 Imp x3 Goblin x3
Imp x3, Imp Cap. Imp x3, Imp Cap. Goblin x3, Domovoi
Imp Cap. x3 Imp Cap. x3 Domovoi x3
Turtle x2 Turtle x2 Adamantoise x2
Turtle, Imp x2 Turtle, Imp x2 Adamantoise, Goblin x2
Basilisk, Imp x3 Basilisk, Imp x3 Basilisk, Goblin x3
Weeper x2 Weeper x2 Leshy x2
Cream x4 Cream x4 Yellow Jelly x4
Turtle, Basilisk, Weeper Turtle, Basilisk, Weeper Adamantoise, Basilisk, Leshy
Antlion (boss) Antlion (boss) Antlion (boss)

DS Formations

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years



B2F (Small Room)

Antlion's Nest


The background music that plays inside the Antlion's Den is Final Fantasy IV's "Dungeon" theme.


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