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"There's nothing to fear. Antlions are quite docile. They won't harm humans"
Edward Chris von Muir

The Antlion (アントリオン Antorion) is a recurring monster in the Final Fantasy series, appearing as both a common enemy and as a boss.




Final Fantasy II

Main article: Antlion (Final Fantasy II)

The Antlion is a regular enemy in this game.

Final Fantasy IV

Main article: Antlion (Final Fantasy IV)

The Antlion dwells within the Antlion's Den near Damcyan Castle. The secretion it produces can become a Sand Pearl. Cecil, Edward, and Rydia have to go to the cave to obtain a Sand Pearl in order to heal Rosa from her desert fever. They reach the Antlion's nest, seemingly without any trouble, because the Antlion is usually docile and doesn't attack people. However, it attacks the party, and they have to fight it.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Main article: Antlion (The After Years)

The Antlion reappears in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is smaller than the Antlion of Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy V

Main article: Antlion (Final Fantasy V)

While riding Boko in the merged world, Bartz and Krile fall into an Antlion (also known as Antolyon) pit. After defeating it, Faris helps them climb out.

Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Antlion (Final Fantasy IX)

The Antlion is a boss in this game. It lives in a sand vortex near Cleyra and lures its prey into its grip with ease. It captures Prince Puck when the Alexandrian army attacks Cleyra. Antlions are also fought later in the game if the party attempts to enter the Desert Palace through the wrong sand pits.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Antlion (Final Fantasy XI)

Antlions are a family of creatures of the insect order that are found in some zones that were added by the expansion Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia. Generally Antlions are not aggressive. There are also jugs that can be used by Beastmasters that summon Antlions as pets.

  • Alastor Antlion
  • Ambusher Antlion
  • Armored Hunter
  • Burrow Antlion
  • Cave Antlion
  • Executioner Antlion
  • Feeler Antlion
  • Hunter Antlion
  • Lioumere
  • Nightmare Antlion
  • Pit Antlion
  • Shrewd Hunter
  • Swift Hunter
  • Tracer Antlion
  • Tracker Antlion
  • Trench Antlion
  • Tuchulcha

Final Fantasy XII

The Antlion in Final Fantasy XII
Main article: Antlion (Final Fantasy XII)

The Antlion is a mark in the Lhusu Mines. It made its den deep in the mines, where some local children had gotten lost. Additionally, after the battle with Air Cutter Remora, "Tonberry" communicates with "Antlion," who instructs him to withdraw.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Main article: Antlion (Revenant Wings)

The Antlion is a common enemy, a Non-Elemental Melee type of Rank II. There also exists a red-colored Antlion, called the Antlion Queen, as a unique enemy.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Main article: Antlion (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)

Antlions and the stronger Jawbreaker are regular enemies.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: Antlion (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

Antlions are associated with the element of Earth in this game, and have another variant, the Pit Beast. They also have the slightly disturbing abilities to Cannibalize an ally unit and spew bodily fluids to cause debuffs.

Crystal Defenders

Main article: Antlion (Crystal Defenders)

Antlions appear as basic, weak enemies in this game, and are usually one of the first waves sent.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Main article: Antlion (Crystal Chronicles)

An Antlion appears in the Lynari Desert as the stage boss, aided by a variety of Scorpions. Like most Antlions, it lives in a sandpit.

Other Appearances

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, there is a Heartless boss in Agrabah called Antlion that Roxas needs to face. Based upon its bug-like appearance, it also has the ability to create sandstorm-strength whirlwinds.

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