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An anti-Imperial clone trooper shoots at an Imperial 501st stormtrooper.

Anti-troopers were clone troopers developed after the Clone Wars ended who were purely based on Jango Fett's genetic template.





The anti-troopers were both intellectually advanced and speedily grown with Kamino's top-of-the-line cloning equipment and new cloning procedures that had not yet been legalized during the Clone Wars.

After the Galactic Empire rose to power in the galaxy, most clone troopers already in service to the Galactic Republic became stormtroopers. However, the head cloners of the anti-Imperial troopers had a different agenda for their creations. A revolt against the Empire was plotted within the unnoticed facilities in Tipoca City on Kamino. A new generation of clones who would fight and slay many of their Imperial counterparts came into existence, fully-grown, almost a decade after the Empire had been established.

They were trained only as Advanced Recon Commandos and Jet Troopers. The ARC's had chainguns, while the Jet Troopers had DC-15x sniper rifles. The ARC's had phase 1 Heavy Trooper armor, while the Jet Troopers had phase 1 Jet Trooper armor

They belonged to no official organization as they were grown privately and illegally. They were supposed to be thought of as their own group of "rebel clones" and so their developers remained anonymous.

It is still argued who influenced the cloners or who exactly these rebellious Kaminoan masterminds were. However, it is thought they were becoming aggravated of being under constant Imperial watch. The then-Prime Minister of Kamino was never found to have had any dealings in their creation.

Last stand

At last, seven years into the Imperial era and after the end of the Clone Wars, the clone anti-Imperial troopers made their one and only stand when found out during the gory Battle of Kamino. Cloners who were just below the point of being prepared for war, were astonished when the stormtroopers of the 501st Legion uncovered the plot and initiated a massive assault on Tipoca City.

Boba Fett, yet another clone, had been hired to lead the stormtroopers into battle because he was also born and raised in Tipoca City and had an unexpected strategic advantage. After both cloning facilities were captured by Imperial forces, the rest of the clone troopers were crowded onto the outdoor platforms and massacred. None of the clone anti-Imperial troopers were known to have survived. As for their creators, their bodies were disintegrated in an enormous explosion and their true plans remained a mystery to the Empire.


Because of the anti-Imperial clone troopers, the Stormtrooper Corps became composed of not only Jango clones, but clones from various templates and normal recruits.

Behind the scenes

Although the anti-Imperial troopers wear Phase I clone trooper armor in Star Wars: Battlefront II, two troopers seated in the turrets of the LAAT gunships on the "Kamino Uprising" level are wearing Phase II armor.


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