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Ante-Endor Association
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Gade Yedan

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Rebellion era


Galactic Empire

"It's time we all put an end to the fable of Endor! Come here and listen to the truth."
―AEA speaker

The Ante-Endor Association was a pro-Imperial organization based on Mrlsst, which claimed that the Battle of Endor never occurred and was a piece of Rebel Alliance propaganda. The group insisted that the Empire was still operating at full strength, further claiming that the Rebels had been responsible for the destruction of Alderaan, while testing a weapon to rival the Death Star. The group also declared that there were no more Jedi, referring to Luke Skywalker. The association was led by Gade Yedan.

Tycho Celchu was offended with their claims and attempted to correct them. However, members countered him with ridicule and he walked off in disgust. On his way to meet with the rest of Rogue Squadron, he was ambushed and assaulted by a group of AEA members. He fought them off, with the assistance of a holographic representation of a Jedi, whose false lightsaber blinded the attackers.


Behind the scenes

The Ante-Endor Association's claims seem to be similar to those of Holocaust deniers.


  • X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair


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An Ante-Endor Association rally.

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