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Another Chance.
"I am going to give the Alliance Alderaan's greatest gift - and its greatest shame."
Orinn Tathis

Another Chance was an Alderaanian War Frigate of the Alderaanian fleet during the last years of the Galactic Republic.

When Alderaan chose to disarm following the bloody conflicts of the Clone Wars, Another Chance was stripped of its weapons and converted into an armory ship to hold the planet's weapons of war. The ship's systems were programmed to full automation and given instructions to jump through hyperspace from system to system until it was recalled with a special code by the Council of Elders. It was believed shortly before the destruction of Alderaan, that the Council planned to give the Another Chance to the Rebel Alliance.[1] Its internal operations were maintained by a crew of droid workers that were programmed to defend it against any who tried to board it. In addition, three smaller Alderaanian warships, Valiant, Fidelity and Courage, were slave-circuited to Another Chance to protect any ship bearing its IFF code from pirates seeking its deadly cargo.

The deckplan of Another Chance.

Led with the organizational skills of Corla Metonae, the project was completed during the early years of the Empire and launched successfully, despite a covert Imperial task force's attempt to intercept and lay claim to the weapons cache. Decoy craft carrying transponders that matched Another Chance and its escorts were deployed by Corla, which lured the Imperials away from their targets.

In the years following its departure from Alderaan, Another Chance became something of a legend amongst fringers as the focus on many get-rich-quick schemes. After the destruction of Alderaan, its legend increased further, with many smugglers claiming to have seen Another Chance and its escorts in the Graveyard of Alderaan.

Shortly before the battles of Derra IV and Hoth, Orinn Tathis, a member of the Council of Elders, returned to the Graveyard to locate the remote device intended to recall the ship. After successfully locating the Council of Elders' remote, Tathis recalled Another Chance and turned it, and its cargo, over to the Rebel Alliance. Valiant was later found by Rogue Squadron when Tycho Celchu chose to set his IFF transponder to broadcast his starfighter as Another Chance's to honor his planet, and was piloted by Aril Nunb and M-3PO during the final battles of the Bacta War.



Notes and references

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