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Skeleton is a genus in the Undead family in Final Fantasy XI.


  • Crossbones
  • Doom Guard
  • Doom Mage
  • Doom Soldier
  • Doom Warlock
  • Darkling Draugar
  • Draconic Draugar
  • Draugar
  • Draugar Servant
  • Enchanted Bones
  • Fallen Evacuee
  • Fallen Knight
  • Fallen Mage
  • Fallen Major
  • Fallen Officer
  • Fallen Soldier
  • Fleshcraver
  • Frozen Bones
  • Ghast
  • Ghoul
  • Guard Skeleton
  • Lich
  • Lost Soul
  • Magicked Bones
  • Mindcraver
  • Mummy
  • Nachzehrer
  • Reserver Draugar
  • Rot Prowler
  • Ship Wight
  • Skeleton Esquire
  • Skeleton Sorcerer
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Snow Wight
  • Spartoi Sorcerer
  • Spartoi Warrior
  • Thawed Bones
  • Tomb Mage
  • Tomb Warrior
  • Wendigo
  • Wight
  • Zombie

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Notorious Monsters

  • Ah Puch
  • Ancient Royal Knight
  • Ancient Sorcerer
  • Ancient Warrior
  • Ankou
  • Archlich Taber'quoan
  • Assault Draugar
  • Azren Kuba
  • Azren Kuguza
  • Blackbeard
  • Blest Bones
  • Bloody Bones
  • Bodach
  • Brazen Bones
  • Cadaver Warrior
  • Cadaver Witch
  • Cailleach Bheur
  • Corrupted Soffeil
  • Corrupted Ulbrig
  • Corrupted Yorgos
  • Dog Guardian
  • Ghul-I-Beaban
  • Inhumer
  • Iruci
  • Lamia's Skeleton
  • Lich C Magnus
  • Lost Soul
  • Namorodo
  • Namtar
  • Owl Guardian
  • Pey
  • Rotting Huskarl
  • Scythe Victim
  • Silverhook
  • Skeleton Escort
  • Skeleton Esquire
  • Skeleton Scuffler
  • Skull of Envy
  • Skull of Gluttony
  • Skull of Greed
  • Skull of Lust
  • Skull of Pride
  • Skull of Sloth
  • Skull of Wrath
  • Taxim
  • Timeworn Warrior
  • Vanquished Einherjar
  • Velionis
  • Xolotl's Hound Warrior
  • Xolotl's Sacrifice
  • Yum Kimil

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Special Attacks

Note: Skeletons usually come equipped with a Job, and will readily use the abilities and spells granted them in addition to their special attacks. They will also use Weapon Skills based on the type of weapon they are wielding.

  • Black Cloud: AoE Dark damage and Blind.
  • Blood Saber: AoE Drain.
  • Dereliction: Strong AoE Drain and MP Drain. Only used by certain Notorious Monsters.
  • Hell Slash: Single target damage.
  • Horror Cloud: Single target Slow.
  • Malediction: Strong AoE Drain. Only used by Draugar.
  • Marrow Drain: Single target MP Drain.

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Ankou are undead monsters found on the fourth level of the Stronghold of Security, known as The Sepulchre of Death, and in the Wilderness Volcano. All varieties of Ankou have a maximum hit of 8 damage. The highest-level Ankous are one of the strongest monsters open to non-members, surpassed only by greater demons, hellhounds and certain revenants. As said by Vannaka, the slayer master, "Ankous are neither skeleton nor ghost, but both".

This monster is a very popular monster to train in members worlds because of its decent blood rune and death rune drops and their weakness against melee attack (slash seeming to be slightly more accurate) and the Salve Amulet. In the free world, Ankous are rarely attacked due to their high level, but some players may kill these monsters for their drops of law runes and adamant arrows. Members can use this monster for money making, the drops of blood runes, death runes, battlestaves, pure essence, adamant arrows, and their level 3 Clue Scroll drop. However, the popularity of Ankous makes it very crowded. Ankous act very similar to attackable human NPCs, and attack by punching (crush-type attack). This makes a chainbody such as rune or dragon preferable to a platebody.

Ankou Safespot

The Ankou is the only monster to drop the left skull half, a component needed to assemble the skull sceptre. There is a safespot to range or mage the level 82 Ankou. This makes it possible for low level players to obtain the sceptre piece, bring food also. The safespot is located in the south-west part of the stronghold.
One strategy is to use Bones to Peaches (tablets, if you don't have the spell) as the Ankous drop bones as a 100% drop.




100% Drops

Armour and Weapons

F2P Items

Members Items


Seeds (members only)

Herbs (members only)

Charms (members only)

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


22 - 30%

0 - 2%

1 - 4%

0 - 2%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 354 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)

Other items


  • In Bretons the word Ankou means Grim Reaper or Death.
  • Although the examine info says "A bony ghost", they do not count as slayer monsters if players are assigned ghosts.
  • Their eyes appear green and vicious with close examination of the creatures.
  • Ankous are some of the most heavily populated monsters aside from hill giants, and certain dragons.
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