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Moogle Animist
"Moogle that borrows strength from animals."
—In-Game Description

Animist is a Job class from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Moogles can be Animists as a basic Job. Animists rely on the aid of the animal kingdom in battle, and can really turn the tide of battle. Most skills involve using the animal for personal gain, but some skills can damage opponents. Animists use the power of instruments in their time of need.





Animist command. Borrow strength from animals.

Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master MP Use
Sheep Count Glass Bell Inflicts Sleep in an area. 100 8
100% Wool Earth Bell Bestows Shell and Protect. 200 8
Cuisine Heal Chime Fully restores HP of self or ally. 300 32
Tail Wag Fairy Harp Inflicts Charm. 200 8
Chocobo Rush Satyr Flute Deals damage in a line in front and behind. 300 12
Frogsong Aona Flute Inflicts Frog. 200 18
Friend Blood Strings Summons random spirit from Summoner's skillset. 300 12
Catnip War Trumpet Inflicts Berserk. 100 12


Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master
Block Arrows Green Beret Completely avoid all physical attacks from units wielding a bow or greatbow. 300

NOTE: Because Block Arrows is a reaction, it does not activate against counterattacks.


  • None


Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master
Animal Combo Mythril Bell Allows the unit to start or join in a Combo during combat. 100
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