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"Animists have learned the secret language of the animals, tapping their primal powers in battle."

Animist is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, usable by Moogles. This job calls on animals to help them fight battles. It primarily focuses on inflicting Buffs and Debuffs, along with a fairly potent healing ability. It is not recommended that you level up this class as it is fairly weak although his moveset is useful to any Moogle class. Chocobo Rush and Friend is based upon the user's magic stat benefiting the Black Mage and Time Mage. Although the Friend A-Ability effects an area just as wide the Summoners, it is far from reliable as it summons random Espers (similar to the Call command in Final Fantasy V) which can lead to disastrous outcomes like healing foes and severely hurting allies in a large area, however if utilized by magic focused jobs with elemental absorbing shields made possible via Shield Bearer Passive-ability the Animist can practically narrow the chances of possible harmful summons and absorb health while dealing sufficient damage.



Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Instruments Hats Light Armor No

Move Jump Evasion Unarmed
Attack Raise
HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Spd
4 2 0 15 C G D C E D 56%




The ANIMIST uses the abilities of the beasts of the wild

Skill Weapon Learned From Effect Range AP To Master MP Use
100% Wool Glass Bell Bestows Protect and Shell to user Self 200 8
Catnip War Trumpet Inflicts Berserk 1 200 8
Chocobo Rush Satyr Flute Deals damage in a straight line Line in front of and behind user 250 8
Toad Song Blueleaf Flute Inflicts Frog 4 400 22
Cuisine Heal Chime Recovers all HP 1 350 22
Friend Shining Lute Calls a random summon 4 400 4
Tail Wag Frigid Viol Inflicts Charm 1 350 12
Sheep Count Hurdy-Gurdy Inflicts Sleep in an area 4 150 12


Skill Armor Learned From Effect AP To Master
Archer's Bane Green Beret Ignore attacks from Bow or Greatbow. 200

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