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"To live without one's Anima is not really to live."

Anima is a term used in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

It refers to the part of a person's soul that is their emotion.

In Revenant Wings, Feolthanos has been stealing Anima from the Aegyl for thousands of years using Auracites, thus letting him control the Aegyl.

When the Sun-Cryst exploded and Sky Pirates started appearing throughout Lemures, Feolthanos used that as a chance to steal their anima as well. Feolthanos then stole the Anima of one of the last members of his own family, Mydia, whom he turned into the Judge of Wings and used her to invade Ivalice.

Destroying an Auralith will immediately release the Anima trapped inside it, something Balthier discovered.

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