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The Genomes are a race of people appearing in Final Fantasy IX. They are beings produced by Garland. The majority of Genomes do not have souls, because they are meant to be the vessels for the souls of the people of Terra once the takeover of Gaia is complete, and because of this they have little emotional response. However, Garland made three Genomes with souls, who were more powerful than regular Genomes. The first of the three, Kuja, was created by chance. Kuja harbored an extraordinary will, but this trait came at the price of mortality. Put bluntly, his creation was a fluke, and Garland even considered discarding him because of it. Garland, however, changed his mind and decided to use Kuja as an "Angel of Death", a puppet to kill the inhabitants of Gaia and thus expedite its assimilation by Terra. Kuja's soul was not eternal, and therefore an even more powerful Genome was created to take his place when he expired. This Genome was Zidane. Kuja felt threatened by his younger "brother" and left him on the very planet Kuja was to destroy. The third Genome, Mikoto, was yet again a replacement for the already existing "Angels of Death", should they both fail in their mission to send Gaian souls to the crushing grasp of the Iifa Tree.


Genomes in Bran Bal

Zidane does not learn of his identity as a Genome until he and his party travels through the Shimmering Island to Terra. There, Mikoto leads the otherworlders to Bran Bal, the village of Genomes. Zidane and his companions are then shocked to discover that all the Genomes look exactly like him. However, all the Genomes save Mikoto are completely unresponsive, and Zidane asks Mikoto about their true nature. The female Genome's explanations serve only to send Zidane into a brooding state, unsure of his exact nature. Later, Garland appears before Zidane and reveals his entire plan for Gaia, Terra, Genomes, and his trio of Angels of Death.

After escaping Kuja's destruction of Terra on the Invincible, the party leaves the Genome survivors with the Black Mages, where they continue to live until the end of the game. Because the Genomes do not have souls, they will never age or die, and therefore serve as an interesting contrast to their new companions, as the Black Mages have souls but are cursed with a tragically short life.


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The Angels of Death
The Angels of Death patch
Games: Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Locations: Beechwood City and BOABO, Broker and Northwood, Algonquin, Liberty City
Leader: Lester Arnold
Type: Outlaw Motorcycle Club
Enemies: The Lost Brotherhood
Algonquin Triads
Affiliations: Spanish Lords
Vehicles: Angel
Gang Burrito
Weapons: Knife
Fronts: Burger Shot
Auto Repair Shops
Members: Lester Arnold, Albert Lawson, Joe Jon, Simon Nashly, Bert Reker
Members of The Lost Brotherhood (left) and The Angels of Death (right)

The Angels of Death Motorcycle Club is an outlaw biker gang operating around Algonquin, where they frequently hang out at their clubhouse located in Varsity Heights, Liberty City. They are supplied with Heroin by the Jaoming Triad and deal Cocaine with the Spanish Lords. Unlike The Lost MC, who have an exclusive Liberty City charter, the Angels of Death have numerous charters including ones in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and Australia as well as one in every state of America. The Angels of Death also have a themepark in Florida and sell branded merchanise such as bed linen, books, party sets, diapers and even dildos. For this, The Lost MC accuse them of selling out to what is true.

According to their official in-game website,, the AOD started in San Andreas in 1949 as a small club for people unsatisfied with a non-segregated society. Lester Arnold is the leader of the Angels of Death and is based in San Fierro, along with Road Captain Joe Jon Johnson.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, they are operating around Beechwood City, can be seen "hanging out" around the Burger Shot and basketball court in Beechwood City, and can also be found cruising BOABO.

The Lost Brotherhood are their main rivals. They play a major role in The Lost and Damned. The gang appears to be based on the Hells Angels MC.

In The Lost and Damned Angels of Death members do not spawn in Beechwood City or BOABO, they only spawn around their clubhouse in Northwood. In The Lost and Damned the player can enter The Angels of Death clubhouse in multiplayer.

In The Ballad of Gay Tony Angels of Death members spawn in Beechwood City and BOABO just like in GTA IV, but they are also spawn at Northwood, near Luis safehouse and Playboy X's Penthouse.


Weapons of Choice

GTA IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony

They act and behave like civilians, only armed and aggressive.

The Lost and Damned

Full on gang members, arch enemies, will have more weaponry.


  • The name "Angels of Death" may be a cultural reference to the song "Angel of Death" by Slayer, or to Nazi physician Josef Mengele, whose nickname was "the Angel of Death" for his his horrendous torture and medical experiments.
  • According to a special Weazel News report, the Angels of Death claim that they are just a "social club".
  • The Lost Brotherhood always call Angels of Death members "Deadbeats".
  • In GTA IV, attacking an AoD biker can be dangerous, as he will most likely pull a knife on you, and get help off other AoD bikers. Shooting one is even more dangerous, as they too will shoot back.
  • In GTA IV's Multiplayer Mafiya Work mode, Kenny Petrovic reveals that the leader of the AoD organization (possibly Lester Arnold) has a bike which he calls Sexy Charlie, and then orders it to be destroyed.

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