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Angel Whisper in Final Fantasy VII.

Angel Whisper is a Blue Magic spell appearing in several games. In each game it appears in, the player must manipulate the enemy that uses it to cast it on a party member which can learn it.




Final Fantasy VII

Learned as an Enemy Skill from the enemy Pollensalta. It revives and fully heals one ally at the MP cost of 50. It also cures most status effects. The player must use Manipulate in order to learn the Enemy Skill.

Final Fantasy XII

Angelsong is used by enemies. It grants Regen status.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Learned from Titanias, when Angel Whisper is used it can bestow Auto-Life and heal a moderate amount of HP to the caster or an ally up to three spaces away.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Learned from Sprites, it bestows Auto-Life and heals a small amount of HP to another target character.

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