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Angel's Ring in Final Fantasy V.

The Angel's Ring is a recurring piece of equipment in the Final Fantasy series, namely as an accessory.




Final Fantasy

The Angel's Ring only appears in the Dawn of Souls, and is only found in the Whisperwind Cove. It is only equippable by the mage classes, and provides +8 Defense and +1 Weight.

Final Fantasy V

The Angel Ring is an accessory that can be bought in either Istory or Phantom Village for 50,000 GP. It can also be stolen from Druid, and one can even be found behind a waterfall in the cave area in the Interdimensional Rift (the waterfall right above the area where Omega is located at). It grants immunity to the Old and Zombie statuses, as well as providing +10 Magic Evade.

Final Fantasy VI

Originally called Cure Ring in the SNES version, Angel Ring grants Auto-Regen upon the wearer. It can be gotten through a variety of ways.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Angel Ring is an accessory that costs 20,000 gil to buy, automatically revives the user when KO'ed, and grants immunity to Blind.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Angel Ring gives immunity to Zombie, Blind, Frog, Poison, Slow, Silence, Immobilize, Disable, and Doom, as well as granting Auto-Life.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Angel Ring grants Auto-Life once per battle.

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