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Real Name
Current Alias



Douglas Nolan


Base Of Operations


5' 7"

155 lbs (70 kg)



Unusual Features
Congenital facial disfigurement



Nolan was born a mutant, with the power to turn his body to iron. He joined the Legion during tryouts, demonstrating his abilities. [1]

Place of Birth





The Ultimate Sacrifice

After joining the Legion, Nolan was sent to collect Mano of the Fatal Five to join in battle against a Sun-Eater that was threatening the Galaxy.[2]

Ferro Lad Saves the Galaxy

Along with other Legionnaires, he submitted to a procedure devised by Tharok to increase their abilities by an intensifier that drew its anti-energies from the Antimatter Universe -- power enough to last for three days. The power increase was barely enough to affect the sun-eater, let alone destroy it. The other Legionnaires and members of the Fatal Five failed. Ferro Lad did something no one else dared - he plunged into the very heart of the creature, where he discovered a mass of energy at the superheated core - the life force that directed the mass of energy. Feeling that its destruction would also destroy the sun-eater, Ferro Lad tried to reach it, but was blasted back. He was convinced that he had failed.

Tharok had designed and built an Absorbatron Bomb, indicating that if it could be delivered to the Sun-Eater's core, the bomb could absorb all its power. With no time to make a timing device or propulsion system, someone had to carry it into the Sun-Eater, and "die to save the galaxy!". Superboy offered to go, reasoning that his invulnerability gave him the best chance for survival. But suddenly, Ferro Lad intervened, punching the weakened Superboy out and taking the bomb out the airlock and towards the Sun-Eater.

Death of a Hero

Deep in the heart of the nimbus, Ferro Lad detonated the bomb -- as the blackness of space was "torn asunder", the Absorbatron bomb sent its force crackling through the cloudy mass. The scattered energies were absorbed by the devastating blast. Ferro Lad had made the ultimate sacrifice and the Galaxy was safe.[3]

The Legion made a special missile "which will stand through eternity, on the cemetery satellite, Shanghalla, the resting place of heroes from all over the Universe!". The dedication on the missile read:

In Memorium - Andrew Nolan (Ferro Lad) - A mutant whose non-human face was kept hidden behind a mask. He gave his life to save the Galaxy.

Powers and Abilities


Able to transform his body into an iron like metal substance of great resilience. See also Transformation.


Invulnerability. He was easily able to withstand a blast by Lightning Lad while in this form. In addition, during his tryout, blasts from the Legion's ray-missile guns (one of their deadliest weapons) couldn't pierce his armored skin.

Strength level

Super-strength, which Nolan described as "almost inconceivable", demonstrating it by bending a solid steel bar, at least 1.5 inches in diameter.


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Links and References

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  • The Death of Ferro Lad in the Corner Drugstore
  • Hero History: Ferro Lad --by Matthew Peterson, Or - “A Heart Of Iron, With A Face Even His Mother Didn’t Love.”


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