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Andrew Gower
Andrew Gower
Born 2 December 1978 (age 31)
Nationality British
Known for Creator of RuneScape and FunOrb
Occupation Lead developer and co-founder of Jagex Ltd.
Net worth £106 million (US$217 million)
shared with brother Paul.
Relatives Paul Gower (brother)
Ian Gower (brother)

Andrew Christopher Gower[1] was born on 2 December 1978 and is the lead developer[2] and co-founder of Jagex Ltd, a Java-based game distributor and creator. One of his most famous creations is the MMORPG game RuneScape,[3] created during his time at the University of Cambridge.[3] He, together with his brother Paul, were the 654th richest men in the UK in 2007, worth £106 million (US$217 million).[4]

Creations and programs

Gower has programmed a variety of games, often creating the graphics and music with the help of his brothers, Paul and Ian Gower. In 1995, he created a 3D platform game called Parallax Painter for the Atari ST.[5] This was followed in 1996 by a 3D first-person shooter called Destruction Imminent for the same system.[6] He then began programming in Java, and created a series of Java games from 1997 to 1999, most of which appeared on the website Games Domain. This included several single player games and a 3D castle (called Games Domain Castle with an interface similar to that of Wolfenstein 3D) with a variety of classic multiplayer games.[7] Games Domain was later bought out by Yahoo! and was eventually shut down.

He then created an isometric RPG, again in Java, called DeviousMUD.[8] This game was the fore-runner to RuneScape, which he created from a similar concept, this time as an MMORPG, in 2001. The original version of RuneScape is now better known as RuneScape Classic, which is now kept online but only with limited access. With the help of the company he founded to develop and operate the game, Jagex, a graphical and engine rewrite was completed in 2004, which was named RuneScape 2 in development and is now commonly known as RuneScape.[9]


  • As opposed to other Jagex Moderators, whose names begin with the word "Mod", Andrew Gower plays RuneScape simply as "Andrew".
  • Apparently, he is known to certain Gielinor gods, such as Guthix.
  • Similarly to other J-mods, he also has a private account.
  • In-game and in the God Letters/Postbag from the Hedge, Andrew is referred to as "the Mage Gower."
  • Adding "Andrew" to your Notes will result in "Cabbage". His Clan Chat name is also "Cabbage".


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