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For other individuals named Yates, see Yates.
Andrea Yates
Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 20th century (-21st century in alternative timeline)
Appearances: SJA: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

Andrea Yates was a school friend of Sarah Jane Smith.


As a teenager, she died on 13th July 1964, while she and Sarah Jane were visiting a pier. After a brief encounter with a bizarrely dressed girl claiming to be from the future, at Andrea's insistence the two entered an out-of-bounds area and a railing gave way, causing Andrea to fall to her death. Just before her fall, however, the Trickster - travelling through time to find a key moment in history that would allow the random destruction of Earth decades later - offered her a chance to change places with Sarah Jane. The desperate child agreed and a new timeline was created in which Sarah Jane died.

Andrea accepts a Verron puzzlebox from The Trickster

Andrea lived her life, becoming an artist and eventually moving into 13 Bannerman Road across the street from Alan Jackson and his daughter, Maria. Andrea forgot about Sarah Jane and the accident, and indeed no one else remembered her, either, until Maria, having been protected from the Tricker's meddling thanks to a puzzle box given to her by Sarah Jane (a twin to a similar box the Trickster had given Andrea in 1964), remembering Sarah Jane, began to challenge her.

Andrea renewed her agreement with the Trickster, which resulted in Maria being taken out of time, however this time Alan possessed the puzzle box and he was able to remember his daughter and was ultimately able to retrieve her from Limbo. With meteorite K67 threatening to destroy Earth and Sarah Jane the only person able to save the world, Andrea ultimately retracted her earlier agreement, and Sarah Jane was restored to history. She admitted that the death of Andrea was a catalyst in how she chose to live her life from then on (SJA: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?).

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