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"Ancient Order" is the eighth episode of Star Trek: Unity, a Fan Film Series and is the beginning of Season 2. It is a semi-third part to "Out of the Shadows..."/ "Into the Fire" and shows the start of the secondry "Iccobar" story arc as well as introduces the new characters Amanda Wood, Jono and the semi-regular Captain Claire Hayward.



After defeating a huge Borg armada, Puto and Lewis track the fleeing ships to the Azure nebula. They bring with them an old friend of Lewis’. However, in discovering a planet with ancient ruins, the team trigger an automated defence and invasion program!


  • The opening sequence takes place about a month after the events of "Into the Fire"'s last scene and seven months after the rest of that episode's events.
  • The USS Sovereign (NCC-73811) is used in this episode to explore the Azure Nebula. The ship arrived at Unity during the events of "Into the Fire", and sometime after this episode, it leaves, returning to it's normal duties.


  • This is the first episode to not feature the Rakelli as a part of the storyline, although a few Rakelli ships can be seen in the battle during the first few minutes.
  • The battle during Puto and Lewis's escape was originally far longer, with a space battle where Puto and Prax would need to space walk on the Sovereign to disable a bomb, but this was cut out of the script.
  • Since the episode was meant to be a two-parter, the ending is wrapped up very quickly as opposed to a long battle with Andras that would go into a 'Part 2'.
  • Although it was only planned for Captain Claire Hayward to be a one-off character or possibly re-occuring, she would return as a series regular, starting with "Threads".

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