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The Ancient Houses, also known as the old Houses, were a number of royal houses possessing hereditary and courtesy titles. Collectively known as nobility, these houses represented individuals and bloodlines controlling planetary fiefs and interstellar lordships. Many families have expanded beyond landownership to controlling great interstellar interests, such as the Kuat Drive Yards by the ten families of Kuat. Possessing massive amounts of wealth and commiserate power, the Ancient Houses were known for politicking and intrigue. The most commonly known members of the peerage are Human bloodlines that made up the dominant lineages of the Senex and Juvex Sectors, such as House Vandron and House Elegin, but the term extended to include other families of comparable antiquity and authority, regardless of species. Examples include the House of Organa of Alderaan.


Known Ancient Houses

Behind the scenes

Many of the noble families have been referred to in the vernacular, simplifying the form of address. For example, the Fel and Palpatine dynasties are commonly referred to as the "Imperial family"; or the Tapani nobles being referred to as "House Rena". These incidents reflect incorrect forms of address. Members of the peerage are formally spoken to and of in the format used above, viz "House of ______".

In many cases, the location of the nobles estate and the extent of it is unknown. To that end, home sectors have been used for locations

It is unknown what if any ranks of nobility in the galaxy are life peers and what are hereditary peers. In the name of completeness, all members of the peerage are included in this article.



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