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Guild Wars

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Ancient Artifact
Image:Ancient Artifact.jpg
Item details
Item type: Quest Item
Quest: see text description
Campaign: Nightfall

Ancient Artifacts can be traded at the Gate of Desolation mission outpost, with any of the three Wandering Scribes. Their appearance is that of small idols of Grenth.

Like most quest items, Ancient Artifacts cannot be sold to merchants, and cannot be salvaged.

"I cannot cross into the Desolation, but I must collect ancient artifacts for my order. There's no end to the number of Fallen Dynasty relics hidden beneath the Sulfurous Wastes. If you can manage to find any (1,3,5) Ancient Artifacts, I will give you this in return:"



Most of the quests in The Desolation, and one in Kourna, offer Ancient Artifacts as rewards:

Quests in the Bone Palace (Outpost)

Quests in Crystal Overlook (Explorable Area)

Quests in Poisoned Outcrops (Explorable Area)

Quests in The Alkali Pan (Explorable Area)

Quests in The Ruptured Heart (Explorable Area)

Quests in The Shattered Ravines (Explorable Area)

Quests in The Sulfurous Wastes (Explorable Area)

Quests in Turai's Procession (Explorable Area)


Wandering Scribe

Location: Gate of Desolation (location)

Wandering Scribe 1

Collecting: 1 Ancient Artifact

Item Stats Value
Identification Kit Used to identify items. (25 uses) 50 Gold
Salvage Kit Used to salvage common crafting materials from items. (25 uses) 50 Gold
Hunter's Ale Only known practical use is to acquire the drunkard title. 5 Gold
Scroll of Adventurer's Insight The whole party gains +50% XP from combat for 10 minutes. 100 Gold
Bag Used to increase your inventory space. 50 Gold
Wandering Scribe 2

Collecting: 3 Ancient Artifacts

Item Stats Value
Ancient Elonian Key Unlocks Ancient Elonian chests. 300 Gold
Expert Salvage Kit Used to salvage Rare crafting materials from items, Runes from armor, and Weapon upgrades. (25 uses) 200 Gold
Superior Identification Kit Same functionality as a standard Identification Kit. (100 uses) 250 Gold
Rune of Holding When used on a bag, increase the holding capacity of that bag from 5 slots to 10 slots. 250 Gold
Scroll of Rampager's Insight The whole party gains double XP from combat. Rampager's Insight ends if the party fails to kill an enemy for 30 seconds. 125 Gold
Scroll of Hunter's Insight The whole party gains 175% XP from combat. Hunter's Insight ends if the party fails to kill a boss for 5 minutes. 150 Gold
Wandering Scribe 3

Collecting: 5 Ancient Artifacts

Item Stats Value
Superior Salvage Kit Same functionality as a Expert Salvage Kit. (100 uses) 1 Platinum
Scroll of Hero's Insight The whole party gains double XP from combat for 10 minutes. 400 Gold
Scroll of Berserker's Insight The whole party gains triple XP from combat. Berserker's Insight ends if the party fails to kill an enemy for 30 seconds. 400 Gold
Scroll of Slayer's Insight The whole party gains 250% XP from combat. Slayer's Insight ends if the party fails to kill a boss for 5 minutes. 400 Gold


By doing all listed Quests you will be granted a total of 16 Ancient Artifacts.

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City of Heroes

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Image:Salvage FaLakAmulet.png


This could be extremely valuable, or complete garbage. Hard to tell.

Recipes Used In

Costume Recipes

  • Costume Piece: Insect Wings for level 1


Common Enhancements

  • Invention: Defense Buff for levels 10-25
  • Invention: Disorient Duration for levels 10-25
  • Invention: Endurance Reduction for levels 10-25
  • Invention: Knockback Distance for levels 10-25
  • Invention: Run Speed Increase for levels 10-25
  • Invention: Slow for levels 10-25

Set Enhancements

  • Achilles' Heel: Chance for Resistance Debuff for levels 10-20
  • Adjusted Targeting: To Hit Buff for levels 20-25
  • Adjusted Targeting: To Hit Buff/Rech/End Reduction for levels 20-25
  • Adrenal Adjustment: Endurance Modification for levels 10-20
  • Befuddling Aura: Endurance/Confuse for levels 10-25
  • Bonesnap: Accuracy/Damage for levels 10-25
  • Brilliant Leadership: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance for levels 15-25
  • Bruising Blow: Accuracy/Damage for levels 15-25
  • Cacophony: Accuracy/Endurance for levels 10-25
  • Calibrated Accuracy: Accuracy/Interrupt for levels 20-25
  • Call of the Sandman: Accuracy/Sleep/Recharge for levels 20-25
  • Cleaving Blow: Damage/Endurance for levels 10-25
  • Curtail Speed: Range/Slow for levels 10-25
  • Dampened Spirits: Recharge/Endurance Reduction for levels 21-25
  • Debilitative Action: Accuracy/Immobilize/Recharge for levels 10-25
  • Detonation: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance for levels 20-25
  • Discouraging Words: To Hit DeBuff/Rech for levels 10-20
  • Edict of the Master: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance for levels 15-25
  • Efficacy Adaptor: Recharge/Accuracy for levels 21-25
  • Energy Manipulator: Endurance Modification/Recharge for levels 10-20
  • Enfeebled Operation: Endurance/Immobilize for levels 20-25
  • Entropic Chaos: Damage/Endurance for levels 20-25
  • Essence of Curare: Endurance/Hold for levels 20-25
  • Executioner's Contract: Damage/Endurance for levels 20-25
  • Exploited Vulnerability: Defense Debuff/Rech/End Reduction for levels 10-15
  • Force Feedback: Knockback/Recharge for levels 21-25
  • Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control: To Hit Buff for levels 21-25
  • Ghost Widow's Embrace: Accuracy/Recharge for levels 20-25
  • Gift of the Ancients: Defense/Recharge for levels 15-25
  • Glimpse of the Abyss: Fear/Range for levels 20-25
  • Harmonized Healing: Healing/Endurance for levels 20-25
  • Hibernation: Sleep/Range for levels 10-25
  • Horror: Endurance/Fear for levels 10-25
  • Impeded Swiftness: Endurance/Recharge/Slow for levels 10-25
  • Impervious Skin: Endurance/Recharge for levels 10-25
  • Impervium Armor: Endurance/Recharge for levels 15-25
  • Induced Coma: Accuracy/Endurance for levels 10-25
  • Kinetic Combat: Damage/Endurance/Recharge for levels 20-25
  • Kinetic Crash: Knockback/Damage/Endurance for levels 21-25
  • Kinetic Crash: Knockback/Endurance for levels 21-25
  • Kismet: Defense/Endurance/Recharge for levels 10-25
  • Lethargic Repose: Accuracy/Recharge for levels 20-25
  • Maelstrom's Fury: Accuracy/Damage for levels 20-25
  • Malaise's Illusions: Confuse/Range for levels 20-25
  • Miracle: Recovery for levels 20-25
  • Multi-Strike: Accuracy/Endurance for levels 20-25
  • Neuronic Shutdown: Accuracy/Recharge for levels 10-25
  • Nightmare: Endurance/Fear for levels 20-25
  • Pacing of the Turtle: Accuracy/Endurance for levels 20-25
  • Paralytic: Accuracy/Recharge for levels 10-25
  • Perfect Zinger: Chance for Psionic Damage for levels 21-25
  • Performance Shifter: Endurance Modification/Accuracy for levels 20-25
  • Perplex: Endurance/Confuse for levels 20-25
  • Positron's Blast: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance for levels 20-25
  • Pounding Slugfest: Disorient Bonus for levels 15-25
  • Pulverizing Fisticuffs: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge for levels 10-25
  • Quickfoot: Endurance for levels 15-25
  • Razzle Dazzle: Endurance/Stun for levels 10-25
  • Reactive Armor: Resistance/Endurance for levels 15-25
  • Rectified Reticle: To Hit Buff/Rech for levels 10-20
  • Regenerative Tissue: Healing/Endurance/Recharge for levels 10-25
  • Rope A Dope: Stun/Range for levels 20-25
  • Salvo: Damage/Endurance/Recharge for levels 10-25
  • Scirocco's Dervish: Accuracy/Damage for levels 20-25
  • Serendipity: Defense/Endurance for levels 15-25
  • Smashing Haymaker: Accuracy/Damage for levels 20-25
  • Soaring: Fly for levels 15-25
  • Stupefy: Stun/Range for levels 20-25
  • Tempered Readiness: Damage/Slow for levels 20-25
  • Time and Space Manipulation: Endurance for levels 15-25
  • Trap of the Hunter: Accuracy/Endurance for levels 20-25
  • Triage: Healing/Endurance for levels 10-25
  • Unbounded Leap: Endurance for levels 15-25
  • Undermined Defenses: Defense Debuff/Endurance Reduction for levels 21-25
  • Unquestioning Loyalty: Accuracy/Damage for levels 10-25
  • Unspeakable Terror: Disorient Bonus for levels 10-25

Dropped By

This salvage is Common. This is a low-level salvage item. It will drop from enemies between levels 4 and 25. You will have a higher chance of getting this item from Arcane enemies between levels 4 and 19.

Enemies and enemy groups that will drop Arcane salvage only: Banished Pantheon, Bat'Zul, Black Swan, Cabal, Cap au Diable Demons, Carnival of Shadows, Cimeroran Traitors, Circle of Thorns, Coralax, Diabolique, Fir Bolg, Ghosts, Hellions, Infernal, Lanaruu, Legacy Chain, Luddites, Midnight Squad, Minions of Igneous, Mother Mayhem, Psychic Clockwork, Red Caps, Rularuu, Shadowhunter, Shadow Shard Reflections, Slag Golems, Snakes, Spectral Pirates, Tsoo, Tuatha de Dannan, Tyrant, Wailers, Warriors, Winter Horde.

Enemies and enemy groups that will drop both Arcane and Technological salvage: 5th Column, Arachnos, Axis America, Chimera, Clockwork, Council, Council Empire, Devouring Earth, Dominatrix, generic/mission heroes, generic/mission villains, Longbow, Rogue Arachnos, Vanguard Shield, Vanguard Sword, Vindicators, Void Hunters, WISDOM, Wyvern.

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