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Anchovies are small saltwater fish, are about three inches long and are related to Herring. There are about six distinct species of the fish worldwide and are all are harvested for consumption. Anchovies are a special type of fish which is also named Engraulis mordax mordax. Anchovies are a schooling fish which are extremely abundant in some areas of the Pacific coast, such as California. They are a pelagic species and are particularly susceptible to changes in water temperature. Anchovies have special characteristics like body elongated and moderately dense, greenish body with bright silver band along body, posterior of mouth reaching past eye, nearly to margin of opercula, single dorsal fin and they are as well soft fishes. They eat specially zooplankton or small insects. This tiny saltwater fish is associated to the Herring belonging to the family Clupeidae. They are frequently used in cooking and can be prepared fresh, but are not always easy to get hold of and are regularly sold packed in salt, tinned in oil, as a paste in jars or tubes, or as a sauce. They are as well commonly used as a stuffing for olives.

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This article is about anchovies. For the raw version, see Raw anchovies.

Anchovies is an edible seafood item available to non-members as well as members. Eating anchovies heals only 1 hitpoint, which is less even than eating shrimp, a lower level fish.

Any player may cook raw anchovies on a range or fire to gain 30 Cooking experience points, as level 1 Cooking is the only requirement. Player will stop burning them at 34 cooking level. These are also one of the few cooking items which are worth more cooked than raw and so it is profitable to cook them. By themselves, anchovies are not useful in training Cooking or for restoring hitpoints for higher-leveled players. However, they are an essential ingredient for the popular anchovy pizzas, which players can make at level 55 Cooking, and which heal 18 hitpoints each, making them the highest-healing non-members' food. This may be a reason for cooked anchovies being more expensive than raw ones.

Cooked anchovies is also an ingredient when crafting impling jars.

Tools/Utensils None
Ingredients Raw anchovies
Fishing Level 15
Fishing Method Small net
Fishing Spot Net/Bait
Fishing Experience 40
Cooking Level 1
Level at which it stops burning 34
Cooking Experience 30
Range Only? No
Instructions Use raw anchovies with range or fire.
Servings 1
HP per Serving 1


  • Despite looking like blue shrimp in RuneScape, they actually are sea-fish in real life[1].
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This article uses material from the "Anchovies" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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