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Anakin Solo
Production information

Imperial II-class Star Destroyer

Technical specifications


  • GAG assault troopers
  • Bith programmers
Other systems

Legacy era

Earliest sighting

40 ABY

Latest sighting

41 ABY

Present for battles/events

Galactic Alliance


Galactic Alliance Guard

"What did he think? That he would drag our little brother's name into the poodoo pit with him?"
Jaina Solo, speaking of Jacen Solo

The Anakin Solo, often referred to just as the Anakin, was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer named after Colonel Jacen Solo's deceased brother. It served as Jacen Solo's flagship during the Second Galactic Civil War.



The ship was painted black and was placed under the personal command of Jacen Solo, the commander of the Galactic Alliance Guard, whose semi-official color was black. It was equipped with a cloaking device and a gravity well generator, as well as four state-of-the-art long-range turbolasers. These turbolasers drew a substantial amount of power, and non-essential systems needed to be shut down before firing; as well as having a longer than average recharge rate.

Solo had many modifications made to the vessel, including the Detention Center and a secret torture chamber he constructed near the long-range turbolaser batteries complete with Yuuzhan Vong devices. He also constructed concealed passages between key areas of the vessel, such as his private quarters and the Command Salon.


"They named a GAG Star Destroyer for my dead boy? The kriffing rodders!"
Han Solo

Launched in 40 ABY from the General Crix Madine Military Reserve, the Anakin Solo was designed specifically for the Galactic Alliance Guard, and as such was painted black and crewed at least partially with GAG personnel. Jaina Solo and Han Solo, still stewing over Anakin Solo's death, made complaints in colorful vocabulary on the name of the Anakin.


In the defense of Hapes

The Anakin Solo had just completed its shakedown cruise when Jacen Solo took the ship to Hapes to defend Queen Mother Tenel Ka from the burgeoning insurrection there. The ship also served as a safe location to keep Allana away from assassins.

The Anakin Solo saw its first victory during the Battle of Hapes, where its commander, Jacen Solo, succeeded in dismantling the Hapan fleet assembled by Ducha AlGray and her Heritage Council.

At Hapes, Jacen ordered the Anakin to fire on the Millennium Falcon when he suspected his parents to be involved in the plot by the Five Worlds to kill Tenel Ka. The Falcon was nearly destroyed, and his parents' Noghri bodyguards, Cakhmaim and Meewalh, were killed.

Further actions

Jacen later commanded the Anakin Solo during an attempt to break up a smuggling operation near Bespin. Solo succeeded in his endeavor, capturing Uran Lavint and her ship Breathe My Jets. It was later used in combat during the Blockade of Corellia and the Battle of Gilatter VIII.

The Anakin Solo later picked up Ben Skywalker in his Sith Meditation Sphere, which Jacen later gave to Lumiya.

The bombardment of Kashyyyk

The Anakin Solo later participated in the Battle of Kuat, before breaking off of the battle with the Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet to go to Kashyyyk to confront the Wookiees and the Jedi after the Order had deserted the Galactic Alliance at Kuat. While above Kashyyyk, Jacen (now secretly known as Darth Caedus) ordered the Anakin Solo's long-range turbolasers to bombard the surface, on the advice of his younger cousin Ben after the Wookiees refused to yield to him. The bombardment caused a massive forest fire, which destroyed numerous wroshyr trees. In retaliation, a Wookiee squadron of Owools attacked the bridge and wiped out the command crew.

The Jedi, under the leadership of Grand Master Luke Skywalker, attacked the Anakin Solo and the Fifth Fleet surrounding it in their StealthXs. As the Jedi were beginning their attack, the Bothan and Corellian fleets from the Battle of Kuat arrived.

As Luke and Jaina Solo began an attack run on the Anakin Solo, Caedus took his StealthX out into the battle. After Luke's StealthX was destroyed by friendly fire from Jaina, he and R2-D2 managed to sneak aboard the Anakin. While onboard, Luke sabotaged all of the Anakin's long-range turbolasers before confronting Caedus, who at that point had Ben trapped in the Embrace of Pain in a secret hangar bay onboard the Star Destroyer. Caedus was injured in the ensuring lightsaber duel, and Luke and Ben managed to flee. The destruction of the turbolasers caused two thousand casualties aboard the flagship.

Towards the end of the battle, the increasingly surrounded Anakin Solo was nearly destroyed by the Hapan fleet. Caedus' parents Han and Leia Organa Solo had convinced Tenel Ka that Jacen had turned to the dark side, and the Hapans opened fire on the already damaged vessel. The Anakin Solo and all aboard would have likely been destroyed had not Alema Rar aided Jacen in his battle meditation, allowing for indecision on the Confederation's part and the escape of the failing Star Destroyer.

Solo command

It would again see action during a "negotiation" between the Galactic Alliance and Corellia. However, the negotiations were merely a ruse to lure Caedus out to an area of deep space so that a now functioning Centerpoint Station could wipe out Caedus, the Anakin Solo, and the Galactic Alliance Second Fleet.

Due to interference by the Jedi in StealthXs, who were tracking Jacen and had managed to plant a holocom aboard the Anakin Solo, Caedus left the vessel in a Blur scouting vehicle as he fled his flagship, suspecting a bomb had been planted aboard. As the Jedi pursued him, Caedus ordered the Anakin Solo to provide cover, and thus the ship was not with the rest of the Second Fleet when Centerpoint Station was fired.

In retaliation to the firing of Centerpoint, Solo took the Anakin Solo as the flagship of the force which attacked Centerpoint in an attempt to capture the gravitic weapon. During the battle, the Anakin Solo was boarded by Iella Antilles, Leia Organa Solo, Han Solo, R2-D2, Luke and Ben Skywalker, and Saba Sebatyne, in a successful attempt to rescue Hapan Chume'da Allana, whom Jacen had kidnapped in order to force Hapan alliance with the Galactic Alliance.

When Centerpoint was destroyed by Jedi saboteurs during the battle, the Anakin Solo avoided destruction, as it was positioned far away from the blast radius. Furious over the loss of his daughter and the destruction of Centerpoint, Caedus murdered Lieutenant Patra Tebut on the bridge of the Anakin Solo before ordering a return to Coruscant in light of the disaster.


Towards the end of the war, the ship participated in the Battle of Shedu Maad, alongside the Megador and a fleet of Imperial Remnant ships.

The vessel was badly damaged in the battle, with most of the bridge tower destroyed and the remainder of the ship being heavily damaged by Jedi-flown StealthX fighters. Jaina Solo engaged her brother in a duel onboard the Anakin and ended up killing him due to Caedus' attention being focused on saving Tenel Ka and Allana more than defending himself.

After the death of Darth Caedus, the surviving crew members who hadn't defected were taken off the ship and sent to ground based detention centers. Luke Skywalker, a number of Jedi, and their allies captured the Moff Council which had holed up on the Anakin. There, he forced them to return to the Galactic Alliance, and placed them under the command of Jagged Fel.



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