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Anakin Skywalker's podracer
Production information


Product line




Modified by

Anakin Skywalker

Technical specifications
  • 3.15 meters (cockpit)[2]
  • 7 meters (engine)[3]
Maximum speed

947 km/h[3]

Maximum altitude

105 meters[1]

Engine unit(s)

Radon-Ulzer 620C racing engines (2)[3]


Pilot (1)




Racing craft

Year introduced

32 BBY


Rise of the Empire era

"Not yet, but it's certain to be a piece of junk!"
Sebulba to Ark Roose

Anakin Skywalker's Podracer was a custom-built podracer built by Anakin Skywalker as a slave on Tatooine, and used to secure his freedom during the Boonta Eve Classic.



Podracer symbol.

Anakin Skywalker's podracer was constructed from a pair of Radon-Ulzer 620c turbines. One engine was put together from spare parts in Watto's junkyard. These parts included the burned-out turbines from Watto's own podracer,[1] which Anakin had eventually crashed. The other engine was acquired when Anakin bartered with Jawas. He modified the engines heavily, notably by improving the fuel injection system in order to increase thrust.[1] Anakin attached triple yellow air scoops to these engines to give the vehicle optimal maneuverability, especially while turning.[1] The cockpit was attached to the massive motors by steelton control cables. The racer could reach breakneck speeds in the area of 947 kilometers an hour (588 mph). It could only fit one person; the pilot.


As a nine year-old slave, Anakin Skywalker regularly raced a podracer that belonged to his owner, Watto. In secret, Anakin was building his own.

In the Boonta Eve Classic race, Anakin used his podracer to defeat his archrival, Sebulba the Dug and win his freedom from slavery.

After the race, Qui-Gon Jinn sold the pod to Sebulba, who repainted the vehicle orange and used it himself to qualify for the Vinta Harvest Classic, lifting the suspension he received following the Boonta. Eventually the Dug passed it on to his son Hekula. Hekula crashed the racer in a race on the planet Euceron, nearly destroying it. The podracer was duly abandoned. Anakin later reacquired the vehicle and again pitted it against Sebulba in one last rematch.

During 1 ABY, when the Galactic Civil War was intensifying, a spacer aquired a podracer that looked very similar to Anakin's. This podracer was believed to be a mere replica, and not the same vehicle piloted by Anakin.


Podracer logo.
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Non-canon appearances

  • Star Wars: Anakin's Speedway
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