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The town of Amur.
The town of Amur on the World Map.

Amur (アムル Amuru) is a town from Final Fantasy III. The party wakes up here after defeating the Kraken. The Levigrass Shoes can be found in its sewers.

The Inn here charges 200 gil, and there is a Revive Wellspring.



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After the events at the Cave of Tides, the Light Warriors wake up at the Inn at Amur. There they find their Enterprise has been chained to the shore, and its key is in the hands of Goldor. To reach him at his manor they must cross the bottomless bog to the south of Amur, and for that they need the Levigrass Shoes.

Meanwhile, Four Old Men who think of themselves as the real Warriors of Light discover this and plan on obtaining the airship first. Thus, they all head to the Sewers, where the Levigrass Shoes' owner, Delilah lives.



Item Cost Att. Additional
Battleaxe 7,400 gil 65 N/A
Main Gauche 7,000 gil 35 N/A
Thunder Spear 8,000 gil 45 Deals Lightning damage.
Selene Bow 16,000 gil 63 N/A
Boomerang 9,000 gil 40 N/A
Iron Arrow 8 gil 12 N/A
Holy Arrow 10 gil 8 Deals Light damage.
Madhura Harp 10,000 gil 60 N/A


Item Cost Def. Additional
Viking Helm 5,500 gil 19 N/A
Viking Mail 8,000 gil 36 N/A
Heroic Shield 3,500 gil 9 Protects against some status ailments.
Thief Gloves 2,500 gil 11 N/A
Black Garb 5,000 gil 30 N/A
Black Cowl 4,000 gil 15 N/A
Black Belt Gi 6,000 gil 33 N/A
Chakra Band 4,500 gil 17 N/A


Item Cost Effect
Potion 50 gil Restores 50 HP.
Hi-Potion 600 gil Restores 500 HP.
Gold Needle 100 gil Removes Petrify.
Echo Herbs 100 gil Removes Silence.
Gysahl Greens 150 gil It could be used to attract something...
Eye Drops 40 gil Removes Blind.
Antidote 80 gil Removes Poison.


Item Location
Gysahl Greens Plantation
Gysahl Greens Plantation
Gysahl Greens Plantation
Black Garb Island on the outskirts
Thief Gloves Island on the outskirts


Note: Enemies are only encountered outside of the town.


"Town of Alm" from the DS version of Final Fantasy III
Image:FFIII - Town of Alm.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

The background theme that plays at Amur is known as either "Town of Water" or "Town of Alm" (アムルの街 Amuru no Machi "Town of Amur").

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