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A detailed image of the Amulet of nature

An Amulet of nature is used to monitor the state of a farming patch. It can only be bound to one patch at a time, though it can be bound to any type of patch and will remain bound until a different patch is used. If the state of the patch that the amulet is bound to changes and the amulet is worn, it will vibrate. This should allow the wearer to detect when the patch is diseased or fully grown. This feature only works if the wearer is logged on when the change occurs, but you can also rub the amulet at any time to find out the current state of your patch. You can only have 1 Amulet of nature at a time and, once enchanted, it is nontradeable.

An update on 19 February 2008 added new features to the Amulet of nature. You may now use the Amulet of nature to contact a gardener at the attuned patch from anywhere you happen to be, allowing you to hire the gardener remotely. In addition, the amulet will allow you to teleport directly to the attuned patch if the patch becomes diseased. It also increases your crop yield when you wear it while harvesting, though not as much as magic secateurs; the effect does not stack with the magic secateurs' boost effect. The update also introduced a less powerful but more easily obtained variant, the Amulet of Farming.

A player wearing an Amulet of Nature

An Amulet of nature can be created by stringing an emerald amulet with magic string to make a Pre-nature amulet. Casting Enchant Level 2 Jewellery on will result in an Amulet of nature. After enchantment, it is not tradeable. However, Pre-nature amulets are tradeable. Many players will sell the amulet when it is in an unenchanted state. Alternatively, a player may buy the string itself, which is tradeable.

A Skill pure wishing to enchant it can use a Tablet made in a Player-owned house.

In addition to being untradeable, the amulet of nature is NOT kept on death and is NOT protected by a grave marker if you die while having one either equipped or in your inventory. If you lose one when you die, you must make or buy another pre-nature amulet and enchant it.


The Amulet of Nature interacting with a player.
  • "A low hum resonates from the Amulet of Nature - it seeks audience with you." -- Patch status change. Notification includes a harp-like theme, and if the player has been offline during the change the amulet will do so upon logging in.
  • "I am the Amulet of Nature, and I am currently bound to no patch." -- When rubbed (not bound to patch) or "I am the Amulet of Nature, and I am currently bound to your ___ patch in _____." (when bound).
  • "There is nothing growing in your patch at the moment."
  • "Your patch is growing nicely at the moment, free from disease."
  • "Your patch has fully grown and can now be harvested, whenever you are ready to do so."
  • "I am afraid that your patch has succumbed to disease. You must attend to it immediately, before it dies. Do you wish me to teleport you to your patch?"
  • "I am afraid that your patch has succumbed to disease and died. I am truly sorry."
  • "Very well. Please keep your arms and legs inside me at all times." -- Upon teleport.


  • If you hand My Arm an Amulet of nature during the My Arm's Big Adventure quest, it will say "This is a troll, and it is fully grown. The troll has not been treated."
  • When contacting the farmer, a small dot appears shortly on the ground - if examined it shows that it is the amulet.

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