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The very powerful amulet of fury

An Amulet of fury, often shortened to fury, is made by casting Enchant Level 6 Jewellery on an Onyx amulet. The Amulet of fury is often considered the best amulet in the game due to its high, balanced bonuses. However, some other amulets have higher bonuses in certain stats. For example, the Third age amulet gives a larger magic attack bonus than the Amulet of fury, but the Third age amulet is far more expensive and lacks strength, defence, and prayer bonuses. The amulet of ranging is better than the fury due to its +15 ranged attack bonus, although it lacks any other bonuses. Also the amulet of fury is better for range tanking due to the defence and prayer bonuses. The Amulet of glory has the same Attack bonuses as the Amulet of fury, is far less expensive, and, unlike the fury, has the ability to teleport to several locations, but the Amulet of glory has lower defence, strength, and prayer bonuses than the fury. The Amulet of strength is extremely inexpensive and gives a +10 Strength bonus compared to the Amulet of fury's +8, although the Amulet of strength gives no other bonuses.

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a player wearing an Amulet of fury
a player wearing an Amulet of fury
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+10 +10 +10 +10 +10
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+15 +15 +15 +15 +15 +15
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+8 0 +5 0

Price History

When amulets of fury were released, it took 300,000 Tokkul to purchase an Uncut onyx from the Crafting store in the TzHaar city. At this time, the cheapest way to acquire tokkul was to sell chaos or death runes to the TzHaar rune shop. It took 16666 Death or 33333 Chaos runes to get the required amount of tokkul; this produced a fury price of slightly over 5 million coins.

The fury's price gradually declined as chaos runes fell in price; furthermore Karamja gloves were released, which allowed onyx to be purchased for only 260,000 tokkul. The price reached under 3 million coins.

The price of the fury then came to be based on not the price of chaos runes, but rather obsidian shields, obsidian mauls, obsidian capes, and fire runes.

In the fall of 2008, PvP worlds were released with Amulets of fury as possible game-generated drops from other players. At first this extra supply did not affect the price very much. However, after Bounty Worlds were released, the price of furies crashed due to high supply and panic and stabilized at about 1.9 million. Shortly afterward, Jagex removed Amulets of fury from PvP world drop tables, and the price eventually recovered to about 3 million.

The Personalised shops update on 2 September 2009 resulted in changes to the Tokkul currency. Before the update, a fire rune worth 9 coins would sell 1 tokkul. The update removed the price floor on fire runes was removed, allowing them to decrease in price to 5-8 coins each; in addition, the price the TzHaar rune shop would pay for fire runes was raised to 5 tokkul each. These changes would have resulted in a massive devaluation of tokkul and a crash in the fury's price. To try to compensate for the devaluing of the tokkul currency, Jagex raised the price of an Onyx in the TzHaar shops more than tenfold to 2,700,000 Tokkul. However, many players found that the onyx was more difficult to obtain than before. Selling obsidian weapons or armour was no longer cost-effective in obtaining tokkul, leaving fire runes as the primary method to obtain an onyx. It took about 3 hours to sell the 540,000 fire runes needed to obtain an onyx gem post-update, and these runes cost 3,780,000 coins at 7 coins per fire rune. In November 2009, the price of the fury reached over 6 million coins.

On 15 December 2009, an update made it no longer possible to sell items to TzHaar shops. As a result, the tokkul for buying an onyx gem can now only be obtained through combat. Following this update, furies were quickly bought out of the Grand Exchange. On 27 December 2009, furies were 9.1m gp at market price, compared with 6.3m on 15 December. However, furies then crashed to 7.4m median by 3 January 2010, but as of 27 Jan 2010 the price is back at 8.0m.


  • With the Fur 'n' Seek update on 10 August 2009, Jagex changed the inventory sprite for Amulets of fury, citing that it did not match the Amulet's appearance when its worn.
  • The Amulet of fury icon has been changed many times.
  • In some situations, the Salve amulet (e) is preferable to the Amulet of fury, as discussed in the Salve amulet (e) article.



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