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Amphibian Angel - Frog-Hael
 English: Amphibian Angel - Frog-Hael
 German: Frosch Engel - Mi Gaeru
 Japanese (Kanji): 両生類天使-ミ・ガエル
 Anime: Amphibian Angel
Attribute: WATER
Types: Aqua/Effect
Level: Level 5 File:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 1400/800
Card Effect Type(s): Trigger/Continuous
Card Description(s):
Video Game Set(s):
Card Appearance(s):
Card Search Categories:
Other Card Information:
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Present
TCG/OCG Statuses
Card/Deck/Starchip/DP Costs
Video Game Numbers
Video Game Statuses
GX06: Unlimited
Facts about Amphibian Angel - Frog-HaelRDF feed
ATK 1,400  +
Actions No Entry  +
Anti-Support No Entry  +
Archetype Related No Entry  +
Archetypes Frogs  +
Archetypes Support Frogs  +
Attack Cannot select as attack targets  +
Attribute WATER  +
Card Category Monster Cards  +
Card Image AmphibianAngel-JP-Anime-GX.png  +
Card Type Effect Monsters  +
Class 1 AniEx  +
Class 2 Anime  +
Class 4 VG  +
Counters No Entry  +
DEF 800  +
Effect type Trigger Monster Effects  +, and Continuous Monster Effects  +
English Alternate Names Amphibian Angel  +
English Name Amphibian Angel - Frog-Hael  +
Fusion Material No Entry  +
GX06 Status Unlimited  +
German Name Frosch Engel - Mi Gaeru  +
Japanese Name 両生類天使-ミ・ガエル  +
Level 5  +
Life Points No Entry  +
Lore This card can be Tribute Summoned by [ This card can be Tribute Summoned by Tributing up to 3 "Frog" monsters (other than "Frog the Jam"). This card gains the following effects depending on the number of monsters Tributed for the Tribute Summon of this card:
● 1, 2 or 3: This card cannot be selected as an attack target.
● 2 or 3: When this monster is Tribute Summoned, destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field.
● 3: When this monster is Tribute Summoned, Special Summon as many "Frog" monsters (other than "Frog the Jam") as possible from your Graveyard.
m]]") as possible from your Graveyard.
Medium Yu-Gi-Oh! GX  +, and GX06  +
Misc No Entry  +
MonsterSpellTrap Destroys Spell Cards  +, Destroys face-up Spell Cards  +, Destroys face-down Spell Cards  +, Destroys Trap Cards  +, Destroys face-up Trap Cards  +, and Destroys face-down Trap Cards  +
RFP No Entry  +
Stats No Entry  +
Summoning Special Summons from your Graveyard  +
Support No Entry  +
Synchro Material No Entry  +
Type Aqua  +
Types Aqua  +, and Effect  +

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