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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 044

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Amnael「アムナエル」(Amunaeru) is the seventh and final Shadow Rider, who challenges Jaden to a duel. Amnael first duels Chazz and Alexis and took Atticus as his prisoner as well. It is revealed that he was the one who took Atticus to the alternate dimension, and the latter was forced to use Nightshroud's mask card. There, Nightshroud got his Shadow Charm medalion (only one-half of the medalion was given). It is also the same place where Banner took Jaden in episode 28, and where Jaden gets the other half of Nightshroud's shadow charm. It is inferred that Banner did this in order for Jaden to have his own Shadow Charm as well, which can negate someone else's shadow charm (seen in episode 33). "Amnael" is actually a pseudonym used by Lyman Banner, who eventually reveals his body to be is a crumbling homunculus vessel.

Amnael defeated by Jaden Yuki
Banner overpowers his former pupil, but Jaden manages to summon a monster that defeats Banner's strategy and Banner himself. After giving Jaden his Shadow Charm, the Emerald Tablet, Banner turns to dust, along with his original mummified body. His spirit, however, is swallowed by his cat, Pharaoh. Out of the Seven Shadow Riders, he and Tania are the only ones to truly live on after their defeat.


Amnael plays an Alchemy Deck, which draws a relationship between the science and universe. His strategy relies on the removal of his own cards from the game, supported by the special summoning of Alchemy Beasts (Alchemic Beasts; 「錬金獣, Renkinjū」), based off common base metals and animals used in alchemy to transmute and refine gold, and the Alchemic Processes, based off four of the seven main stages in transmutation, falling under calcination, dissolution, separation, conjunction, fermentation, distillation, and coagulation. In the Japanese version, the positions of the two words making up each Alchemic Beast's name are inversed, as well as "the" being omitted entirely. (Their names, as well as the names of the Alchemic Processes, are not hyphenated.)

Opponent Outcome
Alexis Rhodes Win
Chazz Princeton Win
Jaden Yuki Lose

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