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Full Name: Amitra
Species: Pandrilite
Gender: Female
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Office Held: President of the United Federation of Planets
In Office: 23652368
Preceded By: Unestablished
Succeeded By: Jaresh-Inyo
Home Member State: Pandril
Previous Offices: *Cabinet Member, T'Pragh Administration
* Cabinet Member, Two Additional Administrations

Amitra was a female Pandrilite politician of the mid-24th century. After serving as a cabinet member for the three previous Federation Presidents, she was herself elected to the office in 2364.

As president, Amitra was responsible for bringing an end to the Cardassian Wars, and her negotiations eventually led to the creation of the Demilitarized Zone, as well as the Maquis. (TNG eBook: Slings and Arrows: A Weary Life)

During her administration, she moved the office of the president to the smaller Ra-ghoratreii Room. Only wishing to serve one term, Amitra did not run again in 2368, and was succeeded by Jaresh-Inyo.

In 2380, as one of two surviving former presidents (along with Thelianaresth th'Vorothishria), Amitra attended the state funeral of Jaresh-Inyo on Mars, and delivered a eulogy. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)


According to the short story "Last Words" in The Amazing Stories, the President in 2368 was a Tellarite female.

Preceded by:
President of the United Federation of Planets
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