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Inner Rim Territories[1]


Stenness Node[2]


Ambria system[3]


1: Amber[2]


4: Deeb, Mev, Toprel and Voth[2]

Rotation period

32 standard hours[2]

Orbital period

176 local days[2]


Barren terrestrial[2]


Oxygen Mix, Type I (Breathable)[2]



Primary terrain
Points of interest
Native species
Immigrated species
Primary language(s)


Major cities


Major exports
"This world is so bleak, Mistress Nomi. Can such a world really be the home of a great Jedi Master?"
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Ambria was a small desert planet in the Ambria system, located in the Stenness Node of the Inner Rim Territories.

Animal life on Ambria included herds of staga, small lizards called neeks, and the strange, evil dragons called Hssiss from Lake Natth, a place strong with the dark side of the Force.

It was home to the Jedi Master Thon shortly before the Great Sith War. In 4,002 BBY, Thon took Oss Wilum as his Padawan on Ambria, following the elimination of its life by a Sith Sorceress. In 4,000 BBY Thon took Nomi Sunrider as Padawan on Ambria. Also, it was the main war machine for the Sith Empire, creating warships for the Great Hyperspace War.

Darth Bane first came to the world in 1,000 BBY. Following the Battle of Ruusan, Bane trained his apprentice, Darth Zannah, on the world until 990 BBY. Ten years later, the two dueled, and Bane was defeated there.




Destruction of Ambria

Main article: Destruction of Ambria

Originally, Ambria was a mineral-rich world, which boasted several indigenous sentient species, and a wide variety of fauna. Stenness Node was made up of a number of lucrative mining worlds, and it was not long before their corporations began to make use of Ambria's vast amount of natural resources. Over time, Ambria caught the attention of the mining experts in the Galactic Republic, who established bases there to extract the valuable ores and minerals the planet possessed. However, although Ambria had a breathable atmosphere and plenty of potential nourishment, few permanent establishments were ever built. This was because most species found the terrain too rugged and the climate unbearable to live in, as well as the fact that there were far easier operations to be set up on nearby planets in the Stenness system. Thus, Ambria was never colonized, and, by and large, remained uninhabited for millennia, except for the few native species that roamed the wastelands.[1][2]

Ambria around the time of the Great Sith War.

Things remained this way for centuries, until a Sith Sorceress made Ambria her home. Little was known of her origins, and even her name was lost to history, though her deeds had been recorded by the Jedi Order, and were stored in their great archives. She used her dark powers to enslave the native sentients, and used many of the planet's wildlife as war-beasts, aided by the dark side. She began construction of a great black obelisk infused with the dark side; it took her slaves over a century to build it, though despite the time it took to be completed, her obsession never dwindled. Eventually, she had the chance to conduct the Sith ritual the obelisk had been built for. The exact nature of this ritual is unknown, though Jedi Scholars were able to make out a basic version of events.[2] The Sorceress was not as powerful as she had believed, and her overconfidence proved her undoing.[1] She called on more power than any individual had ever attempted previously,[2] and it proved too complex for her to manage. She released an uncontrolled wave of powerful dark energy on the planet; it destroyed every living thing on the planet, which became totally infused with dark side energies.[1][2]

Later, some time after the Great Hyperspace War of 5,000 BBY, several of the remaining Sith Lords sought refuge on Ambria, where they hid among the dark side energies in order to avoid persecution. They stayed on the planet for many years, until passing into the Force themselves, leaving yet more dark side spirits on Ambria. They remained embedded in the planet itself, preventing anything from growing on the desolate world. They sometimes inhabited the bodies of the Hssiss who frequented Lake Natth—they were the only beings who had survived the previous eradication of life on Ambria.[2]

Thon's arrival

"Oss Wilum told me you chose this world because the dark side is strong here."
"Yes. There was a great darkness here. I drove it back, into the lake.
―Master Thon and Nomi Sunrider

In time, a Tchuukthai Jedi Master named Thon would make the planet of Ambria his home. Little was known of Thon's origins; he was highly secretive and reclusive about where he had learned his vast array of Force abilities. After teaching the other Jedi on Ossus various powers they had not known previously, Thon departed to find somewhere more secluded and peaceful than the Great Jedi Library to train his students. He began wandering the galaxy aimlessly, letting the Force guide him. Eventually, Thon felt the presence of a number of dark side spirits, way out in the distance beyond his ship's scanners. Thon followed the dark presence until he arrived on Ambria, where he was immediately attacked by the malevolent spirits of the Sith. The Tchuukthai Jedi Master managed to repel them for a time, though soon his stamina became depleted, and he could no longer hold off the dark forces. However, Thon still had a plan, and led the spirits to Lake Natth; he swam out to the center of the lake, and allowed the dark spirits to consume him. However, with one final effort, the mysterious Jedi Master ensnared his foes in a wave of light side energy, confining them the murky waters at the bottom of Lake Natth. The sinister spirits were furious, and often possessed local reptiles, called Hssiss, and attacked any visitors to the planet. Although they had not been completely defeated, the dark side spirits on Ambria had finally been contained.[1][2]

Thon set about exploring the rest of the planet, and had several foreign species of animal imported; the Jedi Master wanted to bring about the revival of the desert world. On his travels, he discovered a vast canyon with a particularly strong connection in the Force, where he used meditate during times of hardship. Thon built a small Jedi training compound, sparse in luxuries and decoration, where he lived, and, when they eventually came to Ambria, taught his Jedi students.[1] He trained several students on Ambria over a twelve year period, including Oss Wilum, a fast-learning Vultan Jedi.[4]

In 4,000 BBY, Wilum had all but completed his training, so Thon had fellow Jedi Master Chamma send his young apprentice to Ambria to hone his Jedi abilities under Thon's expert tutelage. However, Andur Sunrider never made it to Ambria. Upon arriving in the Stenness system with his wife Nomi and daughter Vima, Andur was attacked by thugs sent by Great Bogga the Hutt, the self-titled "ruler" of Stenness Node. Bogga had learned that Sunrider would be carrying an amount of valuable adegan crystals, given to him by his Master Chamma as a gift for Thon. Although Bogga's cronies were successful in killing Andur, his wife Nomi, a Force-sensitive being herself, lashed out with her late husband's lightsaber, killing one of Bogga's men. The others fled, and Bogga's efforts to steal the crystals had been thwarted. Nomi continued on to see Thon regardless of Andur's death, and when the Tchuukthai Jedi Master realized her Force potential, he decided to train her in the ways of the Force.[4]

Bogga was still determined to get his hands on the crystals, and sent a pirate named Finhead Stonebone to Ambria to retrieve them and kill Thon. The Tchuukthai managed to halt Stonebone's first assault, but in an effort to make Sunrider use her lightsaber, he gave himself up to the band of pirates without a fight. Nomi had previously killed a man with her late husband's saber, so was reluctant to take a hold of such a potentially dangerous weapon. Thon allowed the pirates to shackle him, though a fight soon broke out between the pirates over who would present the adegan crystals to Great Bogga. Sunrider used this opportunity to use her battle meditation, an old Jedi art which influenced and affect the actions of others. While Stonebone's crew fought amongst themselves, Nomi rescued Thon, and together they drove back the pirates.[4]

Soon after Sunrider finished her training, a war—known as the Great Sith War—broke out between the Jedi Order/Republic and the Krath; Thon was the only remaining inhabitant for the duration of the war. However, several other Jedi, fighting for both sides, visited Ambria midway throughout the war. Sunrider and Sylvar, a Cathar Jedi, came to see Thon, while another Cathar, named Crado, as well as Thon's former apprentice Oss Wilum, arrived on Ambria to kill the Master. They had been infected by Exar Kun, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and his lies and propaganda, and had been sent to the barren world to dispose of Thon. The Tchuukthai Master, however, and his two visitors easily defeated the Hssiss Crado and Wilum sent after them, and forced the Cathar Dark Jedi into fleeing, while Wilum was eventually redeemed.[6]

There was little activity on Ambria for the remainder of Thon's life, and after the Jedi Master's death it was left completely uninhabited once again.[1]

After Thon

Although Thon had passed away, his efforts in restoring Ambria's once luscious landscape were making progress, though the spirits remained trapped in Lake Natth. However, although Thon had made some inroads into the world's revival, it would never cease to be a barren wasteland. After the Tchuukthai's time, several Jedi would travel there to find solace, though due to the ever increasing amount of crime in the system, it was largely avoided.[1]

A battle was fought between the Republic and Sith troops on Ambria during the New Sith Wars sometime between 2,000 and 1,000 BBY. Each faction suffered heavy losses during the battle, with various debris and shrapnel all that remained. Apart from the occasional scavengers, nobody had bothered to clean up the remains, leaving much evidence of the battle even years later. Some time after the battle had ceased, a healer named Caleb made Ambria his home, determined to mend the wounds of war.[7]

Approximately one thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, a Sith Lord named Darth Bane visited Ambria. Bane thought he was going to meet Githany, a member of the Brotherhood of Darkness, to arrange his rejoining of the Order, though in truth she had been sent to kill Bane. When the Sith arrived on Ambria's surface, he noticed the strength of the dark side coming from Lake Natth, and set up camp there. Githany poisoned Bane with synox when she arrived, and the Sith Lord was left to search for a cure on the barren world of Ambria. He chanced upon two scavenger children and their father. He slaughtered one of the children with his lightsaber, using his father's sorrow to temporarily cleanse himself of the poison. Bane eventually found the healer named Caleb, and threatened to kill his daughter if he would not heal the Sith Lord. Permanently healed, Bane left Ambria, and it was once again largely uninhabited, bar the few scavengers attempting to find value in the remains of the battle fought on the planet previously.[7]

In 990 BBY, Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane returned to Ambria and took up residence near Lake Natth and not far from the Meditative Canyon. He set up a small camp for himself and his apprentice Zannah. The accommodations were meager, but sufficient enough to serve as both a training ground for Zannah, and a base of operations for Bane, as well as a home of sorts for both.[5]


Ambria originally had several sentient species, though no major settlements were ever known to have been built by these species. After its natural resources were discovered by the Republic, teams of miners inhabited Ambria, though no permanent settlements were ever established. After the Sith sorceress wiped out the native species, Ambria was left uninhabited, though during Thon's time many Jedi students lived and trained there.[2] After the Battle of Ambria, many scavengers made the barren world their home, hoping to scrape a living by searching the remains of the battle for anything of value. Around the time Darth Bane visited Ambria, many families had established homes there, including Caleb and his daughter.[7] In later eras, it remained largely uninhabited, though many Jedi sought refuge on Ambria during the Great Jedi Purge.[1]

After the cataclysm caused by the Sith sorceress, most of the fauna native to Ambria was killed, with only several breeds of reptile surviving. The savage predators who frequented Lake Natth, the Hssiss, were often possessed by the dark spirits confined to the lake, and were said to aid those who wielded the dark side of the Force. They originated on Ambria, though Bogga the Hutt eventually transported them offworld, using them as guard beasts. Another surviving species were the territorial neeks, who congregated in flocks in an attempt to achieve safety from predators like the hssiss. Master Thon brought a third species to Ambria, known as staga. Staga were large horned reptiles who moved in herds, and lived outside Thon's house.[2]


Lake Natth

Main article: Lake Natth

Meditative Canyon

Main article: Meditative Canyon
A cross-section view of the Meditative Canyon on Ambria.

Located in the Tiernvael Mountains, the Meditative Canyon on Ambria is a place with a strong connection to the Force. The area is drier and more barren than the rest of the planet, and because of the relentless wind storms that plagued the region, the Canyon remained largely unexplored for millennia—even the Sith Sorceress had not discovered it. Master Thon stumbled upon it as he sought shelter during a vicious storm while he traveled around the planet, and found that one of the walls had an unusually powerful presence in the Force; it made the Tchuukthai Master feel calm and cut off from the carnage happening above ground. The ancient Jedi Master left once the storm had subsided, though he marked its location, and often returned to meditate.[1]

The canyon was extremely vast, measuring over one kilometer deep, one kilometer long and half a kilometer wide. The inside walls of the canyon were lined with small caves, and a deep river lay at the pit of the canyon, twisting and turning to match the canyon's remarkable shape. Along the walls of the canyon and inside the caves, there were a great many stalagmites, some of which were covered in transparent crystals. Though the crystals had no impact on the Force, Thon, and other Jedi, used them to focus on during meditation. The canyon had several levels, each marked with a different strata—some had ledges and cliffs, while others had massive caves and tunnels. Throughout Ambria's history, none attempted to properly explore these rock formations.[1]

Despite its connection to the Force, the canyon remained largely devoid of living beings throughout its history. During Thon's time on Ambria, the only creatures who ever explored the canyon were neeks and staga, apart from the Jedi Master and his apprentices. After Thon's time, many Jedi Masters used the canyon to occasionally escape their stressful existence, and during the Great Jedi Purge it served as an excellent hideout for renegade Jedi—Emperor Palpatine was unaware of its existence.[1]

Sith Obelisk

Main article: Sith Obelisk on Ambria

The Sith Obelisk on Ambria was kilometers high, with a large spike that shot up into the sky. Built using much of the natural resources of Ambria, the Obelisk was a dark shade of black in color. It was constructed by the Sith Sorceress's slaves, and took over one hundred standard years to be entirely built. The Obelisk was erected in the wild, northern regions of the planet, near the great canyon discovered by Thon. When the Sorceress' failed ritual destroyed the planet, the Obelisk was destroyed, as were the Sorceress and her slaves.[1][2]

Other locations

Main articles: Thon's Jedi Training Compound, Ambrian Wasters, and Tiernvael Mountains

Ambria included many other notable locations, though they were never fully explored and information about them was rare. After arriving on Ambria, Master Thon built a simple house where he trained his students. It contained few possessions or items of comfort, as was the Jedi way. Thon slept on a straw bed on the floor, while visitors had a mattress bed slightly elevated off the ground.[4] Another location was the Ambrian Wastes, a huge desert covering over half the planet. The Tiernvael Mountains were huge, steep mountains shrouded in shadow and darkness, located just north of the Ambrian equator. They were largely unexplored, though the canyon they were located next to was often used by Master Thon for meditation.[1]

Behind the scenes

The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places Ambria in the Xappyh Sector of the Outer Rim Territories, and the Power of the Jedi Sourcebook incorrectly places it in the Stenness system.


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