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Amber Summoning Stone
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Double-click to summon a Juggernaut ally of your level that lasts for 30 minutes or until slain in combat. Summoning stones can only be activated once every 60 minutes per character, and only one summoned ally from a summoning stone can be present in an instance at a time. This item can only be used in explorable areas.


1 Skill point(s) 10 Granite Slab(s) 25 Plant Fiber(s) 5 Amber Chunk(s) 2 Spiritwood Plank(s) 1 Platinum


The summoned Juggernaut is the same level as your character and uses the following skills:


  • Using this item puts the effect Summoning Sickness on the character who summoned it.
  • If the Juggernaut dies, another player can summon a new one before the first player's has recharged.
  • Summoning Sickness expires whenever a player zones; therefore, you can summon new Juggernauts more often than every 60 minutes provided that you have zoned.
  • This item is not usable in Solo Quests, including Dwarven Boxing and Bonus Mission Pack missions.
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