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Amascut the Devourer
Release date Unknown edit
Race God
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - Icthlarin's Little Helper, Smoking Kills
Location Outside Sophanem
Sells items? None
Skill requirement? None
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Female
Examine A red-headed woman
Notable features Desert deity
Symbol of Amascut

Amascut, "The Devourer", is the goddess of destruction. At one point she was considered the goddess of rebirth. She became somewhat disturbed by witnessing her sibling Icthlarin bringing the Mahjarrat to Gielinor who brought great destruction. She vowed vengeance upon her brother and "she brought obliteration, both physical and spiritual". It was after this warping of her mind when she became known and feared as The Devourer. When Tumeken departed on his journey he marked Ichtlarin to rule in his stead, which further angered Amascut. Her original form is that of a cat, and appears in Icthlarin's Little Helper quest. You can talk to Neite in Sophanem to hear Amascut's story. Note that Amascut somehow ended up being a cat's worst enemy, most likely due to the fact that nearly all cats are guardians of Icthlarin.

She has the ability to hypnotise people to do her will, as seen in Icthlarin's Little Helper, and can also change her physical appearance to some extent, as she looks different in the guises of the Wanderer and Sumona.

If you pray at Amascut's statue in the Pharaoh Queen's tomb in Uzer Mastaba, your prayer will be boosted by one point, but you will lose several hitpoints.

The statue of Amascut at the Pharaoh Queen's tomb.



In the quest Icthlarin's Little Helper, Amascut wants to capture the soul of Klenter, a dead high-priest, before Icthlarin can. She uses the player by tricking them into stealing a canopic jar from the pyramid. However, the player realises that was a bad idea and returns it. Amascut then re-hypnotises the player and has them plant one of her sacred symbols in one of the sarcophagi so she can appear and reappear inside the temple as much as she wants. However, the player remembers this deed and goes to warn the priests who are currently in the pyramid. After the player foils her plots, she possesses one of the priests and has them try to kill the player. But this fails (hopefully, anyway) after which she goes back to hiding.

She is also discussed shortly in the quest Contact! and mentioned in Dealing with Scabaras.

In Smoking Kills, she disguises herself as a citizen of Pollnivneach, Sumona. She requests the player go down the Pollnivneach well into the Desert Slayer Dungeon, to save her non-existent "twin sister", Jesmona, in an attempt on the player's life.

Not a very nice person after all, as told by the player's cat.



  • She is the daughter of Elidnis and Tumeken and sister of Icthlarin.
  • She is possibly based on an Egyptian demon Ammit.
  • She is the only deity that players have a direct interaction with, apart from Icthlarin.
  • In Latin, Amascut means to accumulate, or to enlarge.
  • It is strange that though The Edicts of Guthix state that the Gods cannot interfere with Gielinor by themselves, Amascut is still able to wander the desert.
  • The symbol of Amascut is an inverted Icthlarin symbol, an ankh (☥). This is most likely a reference to the Cross of St. Peter, an inverted cross. It is often used as a satanic symbol, because it is the opposite of a cross. Therefore, Amascut's inverted ankh shows she is Icthlarin's opposite.

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