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Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev in 2370

Alynna Nechayev was a female Human who served in Starfleet in the 24th century. Throughout the 2360s and 70s she was a prominent figure in the Starfleet admiralty.




Early life and career

Nechayev was born circa in the mid 2300s. (TNG novel: The Genesis Wave, Book 3) She entered Starfleet Academy determined to prove herself. Years later, the Academy groundskeeper Boothby described her as having "a chip on her shoulder the size of Jupiter, so ready to prove a beautiful woman could be a starship captain". (TNG comic: "An Inconvenient Truth")

By 2328, Nechayev was a lieutenant in Starfleet Intelligence. That year, based on intelligence from Bajoran dissident Keeve Falor, she traveled to Bajor disguised as a Bajoran under the name Nechen Alla, to investigate claims that the Cardassian Union was planning to occupy the planet. With her partner Gwen Jones, she was able to discover evidence of these plans, but upon returning with the intelligence to the USS Gettysburg, learned Starfleet intended to treat the matter as an internal political affair. Nechayev later informed Bajoran refugee Darrah Mace that she would do all she could to help the Bajorans resist the Cardassians. (DS9 novel: Day of the Vipers)

By 2342, she had reached the rank of Commander, when and was assigned to lead a small team on the Ganymede colony. (TNG novel: Rogue Saucer)

At some later point, Nechayev reached the rank of Captain, and was given command of the USS Boudicca. Her first officer on that ship was Commander David Gold. (SCE eBook: Progress)

This is revealed in a dream Gold has while injured, and thus may be open to interpretation.

Admiral Nechayev

In 2341, Rear admiral Nechayev met with Data who was hoping to join Starfleet. Nechayev allowed Data to skip the entrance exams and to move to an accelerated track with credit for individual study. (TNG novel: A Time to Be Born)

Nechayev's rank of rear admiral (with two pips on her collar) is inconsistent with her rank of commander at nearly the same time in Rogue Saucer.


By the early 2360s, Nechayev had attained the rank of Vice Admiral and oversaw operations at Starfleet Intelligence. (NF novel: House of Cards)

In 2365, Nechayev was contacted by Elias Vaughn regarding a Cardassian informant, Gaten Russol, who wanted to give information about the occupation of Bajor. She reassigned Vaughn to Starbase 375 so that he could make contact with Russol, but gather only information relating to the Federation and not discuss Bajor. (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Dawn of the Eagles)

By the late 2360s, Nechayev was responsible for liaisons with the Cardassian Union. In 2369, she assigned Jean-Luc Picard to an undercover operation on Celtris III and oversaw both that mission and concurrent negotiations with the Cardassians onboard the USS Enterprise. (TNG episode: "Chain of Command")

In 2369, Nechayev commanded a task force assembled to defend the Federation from an anticipated Borg attack. At that time, she dressed down Enterprise Captain Jean-Luc Picard for failing to use an invasive program to destroy the Borg the previous year. She directly ordered Picard to put aside any moral qualms and to use the weapons the next time the opportunity presented itself. (TNG episode: "Descent, Part I") Even following Picard's contact with a cell of non-aggressive Borg headed by Hugh, Nechayev's orders stood, and were disseminated to all Starfleet commanders. (VOY short story: "Seventh Heaven")


In 2370, she assigned Mackenzie Calhoun to do undercover work on the frontier, after Calhoun resigned from Starfleet. She continued to give him new assignments, but after a few years, became worried that he was becoming corrupted by the nature of his work. (NF novel: House of Cards)

In the early 2370s, with the rise of the Maquis, Nechayev became a point-person for issues arising between Federation expatriates and Cardassian forces. (VOY novella: The Brave and the Bold - "The Third Artifact")

Admiral Nechayev and Captain Picard recruited Lieutenant Ro to infiltrate the Maquis in late 2370. The Maquis was a group of Federation citizens and former Starfleet officers who were fighting off the Cardassians in the De-militarized Zone in defiance of a recent Federation treaty with the Cardassian Union. Ro would find that she both symapatized and fit in better with the Maquis more than she ever did in Starfleet, so she once again defied orders, betrayed Starfleet and joined the Maquis. (TNG episodes: "Ensign Ro", "Preemptive Strike")

Nechayev in her San Francisco office, discussing Picard with one of the conspirators

Also in that year Nechayev was in some way associated with a conspiracy within Starfleet, which had been using discoveries from the logs of Starfleet vessels to create weapons and forward a political agenda in the Alpha Quadrant. However, she was not totally compliant with the conspiracy - while she promised to "handle Picard" she saved the life of Jean-Luc Picard when an assassin within the conspiracy was trying to kill him, and in the process beamed the captain to into the conspirator's base of operations. (TNG comic: "An Inconvenient Truth")

Nechayev's saving Picard is implied rather than explicitly shown in the comic. Her involvement in the conspiracy is similarly ambiguous, as is the exact nature of the conspiracy - it is comparable to Section 31, but never actually identified as such.

In 2371, Nechayev was part of Borath's mental simulation in which Benjamin Sisko, Jadzia Dax, Julian Bashir and T'Rul were placed. In the simulation, Nechayev negotiated a pro-Dominion treaty. (DS9 episode: "The Search, Part II")

Also in 2371 Nechayev ordered Captain Picard to test a new Galaxy-class saucer section while the Enterprise's saucer section was undergoing repairs, and she accompanied the Enterprise crew during these tests. She confronted the Maquis when they attempted to hijack the saucer section, which later crash landed in the ocean of a nearby planet and was later destroyed. (TNG novel: Rogue Saucer)

Later that year, she participated in a subspace conference with Admirals Judith Hayman, Hajime Shoji and Kirshbaum, Captain Benjamin Sisko and Professor T'Kreng of the Vulcan Science Academy about a possible Fury invasion.

The other purpose of the discussion was the discovery of the USS Defiant frozen in Earth's Oort cloud. Nechayev suggested that the present Defiant be kept in drydock at Deep Space 9 until the future version disappeared. (DS9 novel: Time's Enemy)

In 2373, Nechayev controlled key aspects of Starfleet's response to the collapse of the Thallonian Empire. After being convinced by Captain Picard, Commander Riker, and Ambassador Spock, she decided that the best course of action was to send a Starfleet vessel, the Excalibur, into Sector 221-G to observe the situation and offer humanitarian assistance. She asked Picard to retrieve Mackenzie Calhoun from his operative work to command the Excalibur. (NF novel: House of Cards)

In 2374, she engaged in a heated debate on the Dominion War with Tomas Roeder in a Federation News Service broadcast. (DS9 novel: Hollow Men)

In 2375, Nechayev, monitoring the Double Helix incident, installed Commander Riker as the field captain of the Excalibur, pulling Captain Calhoun from the ship and sending him on another mission related to the Double Helix through her connections at Starfleet Intelligence. (NF novel: Double or Nothing)

In 2376, Nechayev was the lead Starfleet Officer in the Genesis Wave Crisis. Personally seeing the evacuation of many planets, and with the crew of the USS Enterprise was able to prevent the wave from striking Earth. However her face was temporarily disfigured when she was on a planet hit by the wave. Although protected she was given newly mutagenic soil which healed her burns and saved her life, giving and almost two-face effect on her appearance. Nechayev later had surgery preformed to restore her face to normal. (TNG novel: The Genesis Wave)

In 2379, Admiral Nechayev was one of five Starfleet admirals who along with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Ambassador Lagan Serra decided the fate of Federation President Min Zife after the disasterous Tezwan affair. Nechayev pressed especially hard for the position that Zife had to be removed from office and punished for what he had done. The group decided to force Zife, Koll Azernal, and Nelino Quafina to step down but not to reveal to anyone where the weapons had come from. Nechayev was upset that this was effectively helping them cover up their crimes, but eventually she was convinced that it was necessary for the good of the Federation.

A short time later, she confronted Zife along with Admirals Ross and Nakamura with the threat and watched as agents of Section 31 came to escort Zife, Azernal, and Quafina away. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)


In 2380, she witnessed the destruction of Pluto by a Borg supercube from Starfleet Command on Earth. (TNG novel: Before Dishonor)

Later that same year, she informed Captain Picard that the Borg-assimilated USS Einstein had been discovered and then ordered the USS Enterprise-E to intercept and destroy the ship at all costs. (TNG novel: Greater Than the Sum)

In early 2381, she informed the Enterprise that the Borg had begun an invasion of the Alpha Quadrant by leveling Barolia and taunting Starfleet to bring its worst. (TNG novel: Greater Than the Sum) As the Collective stepped up their invasion, the Enterprise was equipped with transphasic torpedoes, the only effective weapon against the Borg. Captain Picard argued with Nechayev to spread the specifications for the torpedoes to other vessels in the fleet, but she adamantly refused; she believed that greater use would provide the Borg more opportunities to study and adapt to the weapon, and additionally that communicating the specifications over a subspace channel could lead to interception and decryption. Although she understood the Captain's position, she had to oversee the entire war effort in terms of numbers and arithmetic over who lives and dies and what decisions are made. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

Nechayev continued to oversee war planning sessions as the Borg Invasion of 2381 continued. Necyahev was part of a meeting at Starfleet Command which included Admirals Hastur and Nakamura as well as Federation government officials Jas Abrik and Seven of Nine. Despite the confidence of Nakamura, Nechayev continued to advocate the moderation of the use of transphasic torpedoes. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

However, Admiral Edward Jellico overruled the security directive and distributed the specifications of the torpedoes to all ships and stations, as well as their allies in the Klingon Defense Force. Nechayev spoke to Captains Picard, Dax, and Riker after they reappeared at the Azure Nebula, giving them full authority to do whatever they could, but to maintain operational security and not brief her. She, along with Admirals Jellico and Namakura monitored the attacks on Vulcan, Andor, Coridan, Rigel, and Qo'noS from the secure bunker in Starfleet Command Headquarters, hoping that history remembered that at least they tried to fight the Borg. They had a momentary swing of momentum when the Borg began to suddenly fire upon each other and Jellico issued orders for all assets to engage, but this advantage was short lived. After the invasion was defeated, Nechayev issued new orders to Captain Dax and the USS Aventine, assigning them to help coordinate rescue and recovery operations for the next few months. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)


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Alynna Nechayev was a Starfleet flag officer in the late 24th century. She held the rank of Vice Admiral until 2369, when she was promoted to Admiral, and in 2370 to Fleet Admiral. She was a key player in Federation-Cardassian politics in the 2360s and 2370s. (TNG: "Chain of Command", "Preemptive Strike", DS9: "The Maquis, Part II")




One of Admiral Nechayev's direct subordinates was Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The two frequently did not see eye-to-eye, and clashed over both the Borg issue and the dispensation of colonists in the Demilitarized Zone, specifically on Dorvan V. (TNG: "Descent", "Journey's End")

Nechayev was one of the primary Starfleet flag officers dealing with the Cardassian Union in the 2360s and 2370s. She assigned Captain Edward Jellico command of the USS Enterprise while sending Captain Picard on a covert mission behind the Cardassian border. She was also involved in drafting the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2370 while stationed at Starbase 310, and later oversaw Starfleet's response to the Maquis. It was Nechayev that initiated the undercover assignment which caused Ro Laren to join the Maquis in late 2370. (TNG: "Chain of Command", "Journey's End", "Preemptive Strike", DS9: "The Maquis, Part II")

She was a close friend of Lwaxana Troi, who considered her to be "the sister [she] never had." (DS9: "Fascination")


By the early 2360s, Nechayev had reached the rank of Vice-Admiral, and was involved in operations at Starfleet Intelligence. Throughout her other assignments, she would maintain her connections with SI.

In 2370, Admiral Nechayev recruited Commander Mackenzie Calhoun as a covert operative for Starfleet Intelligence, and helped him stage his "resignation" (which involved punching Admiral Jellico in the face). After several years, Nechayev began to worry that his deep-cover assignments were taking a toll on Calhoun's psyche. When she led Starfleet's response to the collapse of the Thallonian Empire in late 2373, and sent Jean-Luc Picard to locate Calhoun, offering him command of the USS Excalibur, which was to be sent into Sector 221-G to offer humanitarian assistance. Nechayev would remain one of Calhoun's allies, frequently in opposition to Admiral Jellico. (Star Trek: New Frontier novels: House of Cards, Once Burned, et. al)

Following the Dominion War, Admiral Nechayev became Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet. She frequently made use of the USS Sovereign as her flagship, and was at one point briefly replaced by her mirror universe counterpart. (Star Trek novels: Spectre, Dark Victory, Preserver)

In 2379, she was one of five Starfleet admirals who forced Federation President Min Zife and two of his advisers to resign, following the disastrous Tezwa affair. Along with Admirals Ross and Nakamura, she later watched as agents of Section 31 escorted the President and his men away. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

Fan projects

She appointed Captain Krystine Leone to command of USS Farragut in 2365. (Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead: "Damn the Torpedoes!") She would later order Captain Leone and her crew to keep the events of their wayward mission to the Beta Quadrant secret, citing a mandate from Starfleet Intelligence. (Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead: "Milk Run") In early 2367, following the destruction of the Borg cube in Sector 001, Nechayev summarily releived Captain Andrew Estrada of his command (USS Excalibur) after disobeying orders to not approach Earth. (Star Trek: The Quarterdeck Breed: "Farragut")

In her capacity as C-in-C, Nechayev tried to prevent Captain Philippa Louvois from court-martialling Kathryn Janeway upon her return to the Alpha Quadrant. Though unsuccessful in stopping the trial, Nechayev was able to extract a pardon for Janeway from the Federation Council. (Star Trek: Liberty: "Jurisprudence", "The Trial of Kathryn Janeway", "Parthian Shots")

In late 2379 Nechayev, then Director of Starfleet Intelligence, assigned Captain Jonathan Hunt command of the USS Beliskner with which he would lead a special Starfleet Intelligence task force, formed to investigate Section 31's recent activities. and to appease Rear Admiral Edward Jellico who opposed her use of non Starfleet assets in recent covert operations. (Star Trek: New Order)

In 2380 Nechayev attempted to stop Captain Aaron Kennedy from appointing Saru Jaron as the chief medical officer of the USS Luna. She claimed to have the backing of the Federation Council but she was called off by Admirals William Ross and Kathryn Janeway. (Star Trek: Luna)

In 2387 Nechayev dispatched the USS Pioneer to the galactic barrier to investigate abnormal long range sensor readings from the area. Aware that this may have been caused by Gary Mitchell she granted him use of three transphasic torpedoes and negated the prime directive. If Pioneer`s secondary mission failed she was to command a fleet of ships to the Delta Vega sector to eliminate the threat. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "In Thy Image")

In an alternate timeline, in the early 25th century, she rendezvoused with the Klingons via the USS Excelsior to share knowledge of Starfleet's latest and public achievements in time-travel technology. Discussions during this meeting would lead to the concept of a Temporal Accords. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Temporal Doom! Part II")

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier

During the 2380s, Nechayev commanded Deep Space 12 and the Starfleet forces in and around the Briar Patch. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier)

Star Trek: Pendragon

As a Starfleet Intelligence officer in the late 2330s, Alynna Nechayev was a contemporary and rival of Jacob Sinclair. At one point in time, she was also his direct superior in the intelligence hierarchy.

Admiral Nechayev was a key player in the Federation Civil War, opposing Admiral James Leyton. After the war's end in 2374, she used her influence on the Federation Council to institute the so-called "Nechayev Doctrine," resulting in five years of isolationism. By the late 2370s, her influence had waned enough so that she lost her bid for Commander-in-Chief to Jim Cannon. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "True North", "Restoration", "Sword of Damocles")

She was present at the commissioning ceremony for the new Deep Space Nine in early 2379. (PDN: "Restoration")

Admiral Nechayev opposed the USS Pendragon's mission in the Demilitarized Zone. On several occasions, she tried to supersede the mission with her own objectives, and used Lt. Commander Tobias Moore as her hatchet-man, frequently interfering with the Pendragon's missions. In 2383, she assigned Moore to the Pendragon permanently, as the ship's intelligence officer. (PDN: "Not Home Yet", et. al)

United Trek fan fiction universe

By 2376, Nechayev had become involved with a counter-Section 31 group led by Retired Admiral Nyota Uhura.

She introduced Karim Bin Nadal, then Sintina Aurelia to the group. She still serves as bin Nadal's contact for the resistance cell. Later, the admiral ordered him to help recover Uhura.



Fan projects

The following is a list of fan fiction and fan films that feature Alynna Nechayev as either a main or supporting character:

  • Star Trek: Prometheus
  • Star Trek: Hidden Frontier
  • Star Trek: Liberty
    • The Reckoning
    • Star Trek: Peregrine, a proposed Liberty spin-off would focus on Nechayev's early career and eventual rise to the admiralty.
  • Star Trek: New Order
  • Star Trek: Pendragon
    • "True North"
    • "Restoration"
    • "Sword of Damocles"
    • "Not Home Yet" (referenced)
  • Star Trek: Phoenix-X
  • Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR)

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