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Always on My Mind is the second episode of the third season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



Lieutenant Terri Letac wakes to find herself in the future. A future where the Dominion War is over and the Federation Alliance reigns victorious. There is one mystery left from the war, the fate of Task Force 59 and Starfleet wants answers. Answers that Letac realises she doesn't have.

Memorable quotes

"Those who lose dreaming are lost"
Commander Susan Core using the Swiftfire's dedication plaque quote.
"After this war is over there is going to be a lot of standing over tombstones."
Captain Jonathan Masters laments the loss of friends.
"Regrets let you know that you have lived. If you lived life with no regrets then you probably never took any risks and often it is those things that are high risk that have the most reward."
Doctor Tom Presley giving Terri Letac his view on regrets.
"Yes and it will be worth it to make Captain Masters pay for what he has done to us!"
— Jasis vows revenge on Captain Masters.

Background information


amnesia; Australian Aboriginal; Bailey, Autumn; IKS Bal'is; Borath; Daley, Rachel; Dominion War; Douglas, Jennifer; Dunning, Karl; Gar; Gloria; Gregan; Griffith II; Griffith system; Hadris; USS Hector; Howard; Jasis; Liberation of Nthony C; Lutz, Aida; Martina, Gloria; Masters, Dalton; memory blocker; mind probe; USS Monash; Operation Chestnut; Presley, Tom; Renek; SAS; Scorpion-class; USS Sparrow; Special Operations Command; Task Force 59; unknown wreckage sites; USS Venture

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Always on My Mind at Star Trek Swiftfire

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