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The Alwari were groups of nomadic Ansionians. They were opposed by the Unity of Community, the governing body of Ansion's urban populations. The urbanites and the Alwari had had conflicts going back millennia, but a truce was established around 222 BBY. The truce was nearly broken due to the Commerce Guild's meddling in the Unity during the Separatist Crisis. The Alwari supported staying in the Galactic Republic.

The Alwari ate proportionately more meat than either Humans or urbanite Ansionians. All Alwari were traditionalists, and considered any use of technology to be a sign of affiliation with the Unity. The use of a suubatar would mark one as a person of importance and taste among the Alwari. Cracking one's knuckles was a form of applause among them.

Alwari clans included the Tasbir, the Pangay Ous, the Nazay, the Niruu, and the Northern Bands. The Borokii were considered the greatest of the overclans, although The Approaching Storm says that the Borokii were about equal with the Januul. Clans were indentified by body scent, forehead tattoos, and mane decoration. After 22 BBY, the Alwari were represented by the Council of Alwari Elders.


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