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A parallel universe is a reality created when historical events diverge from the main timeline. Unlike alternate timelines, these occur naturally. Travel to parallel universes became impossible after the Last Great Time War. (DW: Rise of the Cybermen)

In the 1970s, the Doctor visited a parallel universe in which the United Kingdom was a fascist Republic ruled by an alternate Doctor. (DW: Inferno, NA: Timewyrm: Revelation)

For full details see the article Parallel Earth (Inferno).

Circa 1979, the Doctor visited a universe in which the Roman Empire spanned the galaxy and was beginning to conquer other universes. (DWM: The Iron Legion)

One parallel universe was lifeless and empty due to the destruction of Logopolis in 1981. (PDA: The Quantum Archangel)

In the 1990s, Carbury was invaded by knights from a parallel universe which bore similarities to Arthurian legend. (DW: Battlefield)

For full details see the article Arthur's World.

In 2007, the Doctor, Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith visited a universe in which Rose's father was still alive. (DW: Rise of the Cybermen)

For full details see the article Pete's World.

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An alternate universe (also called a parallel universe, alternate reality or alternate quantum reality) is a universe which differs in some way from one's own universe. Some alternate universes are classified as alternate timelines, where the differences between universes can be attributed to an alternate outcome of some past event. Others, however, differ in more dramatic ways, such as differing laws of physics, that cannot be easily explained by diverging histories. All alternate universes taken together form the multiverse.


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Flash-sideways Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 lands at LAX)
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This image displays the time loop and the alternate timeline created at the time of Jughead's detonation. Both exist at the same time.
A flash-sideways timeline, in which the Island was submerged in the ocean and Oceanic Flight 815 never crashed there, was a direct result of the reset, as hypothesized by Daniel Faraday. The creation of this timeline did not interfere with the timeline from which it was created, and with which it had many differences.

Events of the flash-sideways timeline, 2004

On the plane

The statue submerged ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")

In the flash-sideways timeline, the Island was submerged under the ocean. As a result, Desmond Hume never crashed on the Island, and therefore was never there to stop pressing the button in the Swan station, keeping Oceanic Flight 815 from ever crashing.

The passengers of Flight 815 had slight changes in their past from the timeline that had been previously shown on the show. Boone was unsuccessful in persuading Shannon to return to Los Angeles with him. Hurley, though still a winner of the lottery, was not afflicted with the bad luck The Numbers brought him. Charlie's hair was noticeably shorter.

As Flight 815 passed over the Island, flight attendant Cindy Chandler offered Jack Shephard one drink (as opposed to the two she offered him in the crash timeline). Jack expressed anxiety as the plane encountered some turbulence, but Rose Nadler comforted him until the turbulence passed. Rose's husband Bernard returned from the restroom in the tail section, commenting on how the turbulence had nearly killed him. Jack himself got up to go to the restroom, where he found a strange hematoma on his collarbone that he had obviously not seen before. Dabbing it with a napkin, he returned to his seat.

To his surprise, Desmond Hume was sitting in the seat beside his. Jack seemed to recognize Desmond, though only vaguely, and Desmond did not recognize him. Desmond complained of a snoring seatmate further back on the plane, which prompted him to move seats.

Meanwhile, John Locke introduced himself to Boone Carlyle, and the two began discussing their reasons for being on the plane. Locke told a skeptical Boone of a walkabout experience that he allegedly was a part of. Boone was intrigued, and the two continued to talk.

Cindy Chandler then paged for any passengers who were doctors, to which Jack responded. He was then taken to the front of the plane, where a passenger had apparently fallen unconscious in a locked bathroom. After Sayid kicked the door open, it was revealed that Charlie Pace was inside, unconscious and unable to breathe. The flight attendants get Jack Shepard to help him, and he is able to resuscitate him, removing a bag of heroin clogged in Charlie's throat. When Charlie is arrested in Los Angeles as the plane landed, the police escort Charlie off the plane. Charlie's checked luggage includes his guitar, which, in the original timeline, was not allowed to be checked onto the plane.


Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 lands in Los Angeles with all passengers alive. At Customs, Jack Shepard is told by a staff member that his father's body didn't arrive, and the staff in fact do not know where it is. While waiting at the airport Lost and Found and calling his mother to postpone the funeral, which was to be two hours after he landed. he meets John Locke, who is bound in a wheelchair and is missing a case full of knives. When Jack asks him about what happened (referencing Locke's paralysis), Locke simply replies that he has a condition that was irreversible. Before Locke leaves, Jack gives him his card, saying nothing is irreversible and willing to consult Locke anytime, free of charge.

While their bags are being inspected in Customs, Jin-Soo Kwon is questioned about what business he is in. Not understanding english, "No english", he hands a letter to the customs personnel, but the letter only explains that the watch he is carrying is a business gift but does not answer what the agent wanted to know. In Korean Jin asks if they can "continue on their way" but the agent searches his suitcase and finds a bag of money, the purpose of which is unknown. He is then taken into custody, not being able to account for the money that was not declared in his baggage. Sun appears not to know about the money or speak English, although she may be lying. Sun-Hwa Kwon is being called by her maiden name, Ms. Paik, which may mean the two are not married.

Kate Austen gets Edward Mars to bring her to the female restroom. In the stalls, Kate unlocks her cuffs, knocking out her escort and taking his weapon before escaping. Kate gets aboard an elevator, able to avoid security guards inside the elevator with the help of James "Sawyer" Ford. After getting out, she goes through a code activated staff door and escapes to a taxi stop. While waiting for a taxi just behind Hurley, Edward Mars spots her and she hijacks a taxi, holding the driver gunpoint, with Claire Littleton onboard.

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ST Expanded

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existence of the expanded universe
dimension - history - space - time - time-space continuum - universe
alternate reality
alternate dimension - alternate timeline - parallel universe - pocket universe - quantum reality - subspace and hyperspace

A parallel universe is a universe separate to our own universe, running "parallel" to our own. It is sometimes known as an alternate universe.

Several theories exist on the creation of parallel universes. It is generally agreed one different choice made by one being in our own universe spurs off another parallel universe, differentiating it from our own universe.

Considering this theory, an infinite number of parallel universes exist. These parallel universes are sometimes known as quantum universes, quantum realities or quantum states.

The crew of the USS Enterprise were amongst the first Starfleet crews to experience the mirror universe with the first crossover in 2267. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")

USS Enterprise-D security chief Worf experienced several parallel universes in 2370. In one of these, Cardassian and Bajoran roles were inverted. (TNG: "Parallels", Star Trek: Sigils and Unions Catacombs of Oralius)

The Guardians consider parallel universes as the 5th dimension. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR))

Alternate timelines are not the same as parallel universes, as time travel within the same universe creates an alternate timeline if history is altered as a consequence.

Fan fiction

Many Star Trek fan-fiction venues are, by their nature, set in parallel/alternate universes. Following are some examples:

  • Star Trek: Arcadia
  • Star Trek: Pendragon
  • Star Trek: Remington
  • Star Trek: Sigils and Unions Catacombs of Oralius

Mirror universe

Parallel mirror universes:

  • Star Trek: Mirror Wars
  • Star Trek: New Empire

There are also those series which are set in the primary universe but crossover into parallel universes:

  • Star Trek: Parallel Lives
    • An anthological series of one-off stories, Parallel Lives is part of the Star Trek: Special Operations universe of fan-fiction. Each story deals with a parallel universe counterpart of Special Ops lead character Scott Freeman. Among those written so far, there have been a universe where the British Empire never ended and replaces the UFP, one where Freeman was born a girl and one based on the Mirror Universe.
  • Star Trek: Special Operations
    • Special Ops' fifth part, 'Reflections' sees the crew transported into an alternate universe where the Borg are running rampant.

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